New Miner - Pools & Advice

  • Hey guys! I've been reading these forums regularly for a few weeks and finally decided I wanted in on some of the action.

    As of right now, I have a laptop (600GB plotted). I want to know what pool to hook it up to (knowing it will be extremely negligible gains). I will be buying multiple 8TB externals using the USB 3.0 on the board. Likely will be having 24.6TB in the next 2 weeks, then increased to 48.6TB 2 or 3 weeks later. Which pools should I look into?

    I will be building a dedicated rig for BURST, so it won't all be based off of a laptop. On that topic, once I plot all of the externals, do I just have to attach it to the new rig, and it's all set to mine?

    I just want to say thanks to everybody ahead of time!

  • admin

    @ActivePower To start with use the pools that accept longer deadlines, Tross, Lexitoshi, BTRG, etc - checkout the announcements in the pools categories, and find a pool you're happy with. As your capacity increases your choice of suitable pools increases, again check the announcements.