BurstCoin Wallet Program

  • Hello, So Im having a Issue thats is getting fairly annoying, Every time I shut down/restart the BurstCoin wallet program, It has to redownload the entire DB of transactions, I have downloaded it 4 times in the past week alone, and it takes roughly 24-36Hrs each time, This is preventing me from actually mining or anything else.

    The program im using, Is having major issues as well, Constantly Stops responding, When i swap between online Wallet or Local wallet, the program crashes, The Plotter for GPU doesnt work, And CPU takes ages lol.

    What is going on here, Could someone recommend a Better Wallet Program or something? Please lol That or tell me how to fix this problem
    Thank you! 🙂

  • admin

    @cody0520 To speed up the wallet sync process - stop the wallet, grab: http://db1.burst-team.us - expand the zip into your burst_db directory, then restart the miner. The download is the block chain as of a week ago, so will sync up in minutes.

    The GPU plotter needs manual configuration specific to your video card - the CPU miner is actually really effective. I've plotted over 250TB with it.

    For mining, you don't need the wallet unless you're doing solo mining. For pool mining, just point your miner to your pool of choice, and start mining.

  • @haitch Awesome thank you! Ill give that a shot and see if that does the trick 😉

    Guess I need to Read up on the GPU plotter Config i got a 1TB SSD i wanna Plot, but with CPU i think it may take some time to actually do lol

    EDIT: I found it Was overlooking it the entire time lol