XPlotter v1.0 for BURST - Initial Write Plots - SetFileValidData error (code = 87)

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    Upon first executing "Write Plots" from the Burst Client for Win v0.3.9.7, I consistently receive a "SetFileValidData error (code = 87)". I have tried to delete the created data directories in P: and rerun the "Write Plots", but I get the error message every time.

    Any assistance would be wildly appreciated!

  • admin

    @EuphoricFury I dealt with this on another PC today.
    a) Disable file compression and indexing on the folder
    b) Give your account Full permissions to the folder.
    c) Delete the existing file - may require a reboot
    d) Start plotting again.

  • i was haveing trouble aswell just got another 1.6tb mineing power after reading this after it plots of course cheers haitch