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  • Hello everyone

    Surfbar was working for me 1 or 2 pages, after that throw me this:


    What can i do to display more pages and keep surfing?

  • admin

    I will fix this soon.

  • @daWallet Thanks you so much! 🙂 Waiting for it

  • admin

    @IIOBrocker I activated sites with sound, too.

    This error means that the surfbar run out of paid advertisments... I hope this happens not too often now. 🙂

  • Just stopped again, I vote adult content! lol

  • @daWallet Yeah seems like works now, thanks you so much. I have a little question, i need to stay with window opened? Or i can miniminize the surfbarr.. and all will be fine , and earnings will grow?


  • admin

    @crutsy Hehe, no.
    It depends on your location and in general it fluctuates how many paid sites are to visit. I guess at the beginning of the day (whatever that means) there is more paid content to be delivered.

    We have to see how it develops...

    I made good experiences today with using Firefox with the Firefox Add-On;

    You have to put your ID "burstcoinbiz.user1xxx" manually and it helps not to get stuck.

    Another trick that could help maybe showing more paid sites is to set your Browsers localization info to "Germany". (Just change it for a Browser you don't mainly use) I have not tested it - but the Surfbar has probably more paid sites in german, because it's a german project. Disclaimer: I haven't tested it but you should be able to understand the ads that you see. 😉

  • @daWallet Nice, i will follow ur tips.. I will download firefox and that addon..

    bdw , after some 6 or 9 sites, this happends again:


    I will try downloading firefox.. and follow ur steps.

  • firefox works good with the add-on also if you run it in a private window it keeps going so far. no cookies that way I guess.

    Firefox runs in the background on one core and on the lowest priority nicely

    What about a second acct that allowed adult? would generate even more lol

  • I have downloaded Firefox and added the extension and after a little tweaking it is running great in the background..

  • @daWallet Bdw, after get stuck, if i push the back button on chrome , goes back to the same pages.. but after that more pages appear and earning still grow.

    So maybe i get a way to solve when im stuck..

    Anyways .. i try with firefox.

  • admin

    @crutsy That's a really good idea running it in private mode! When we all gain more experience with this someone has to write up a nice tutorial and best practice how-to surf the burst. 🙂

    If someone uses Firefox as a main browser but still want to have the surfbar on one core and on another browser with the add-on: You need to find a fork of Firefox like Iceweasel, that supports Firefox-AddOns...

    Edit: Private Mode doesn't seem to work. 0 Points all the time...

  • If anyone wants to try out surfbar please us this link to sign up it would help me out a lot Thanks

  • @daWallet oh snap good to know! they are adding up on my side. I take it they are not being counted on the backside?

  • @daWallet I'm guessing you are the prime owner of the main account that is converting Euro into Burst and then subdividing out into fractional accounts because we all have different internet exposed IP addresses so; Is there a way for us to see our balance in any manor be it SurfPoint (BTP), or Burst? I ran the surfbar for about 2 or 3 hours while I was in another room and I see the BTP adding up at the top but it appears to reset at the top of the hour. Anyway to see our pending totals? user1455 if that helps any.



  • @IceBurst I believe you can go here and enter your Burst wallet ID to see your stats. I hope that was what you were looking for.

  • @Propagandalf said:

    @IceBurst I believe you can go here and enter your Burst wallet ID to see your stats. I hope that was what you were looking for.

    Thank you sir, that's what I was looking for . I currently have 316SP, anyone know what that is equal to in burst?


  • admin

    2000 Surfpoints (SP) are around 140 Burstcoins at the moment. This will fluctuate depending on the price of Burst and some other factors. The Payouts are running since 2 days... it needs some time to equilibrate 🙂

    How long it takes to get 2000 Surfpoints I don't even know myself. You can post your experiences...

  • @daWallet I tried changing my language settings to German in a browser I don't use normally (Opera), but I still got that message "Your language settings do not match your geographic location. Please adjust your browser settings so that more pages can be displayed in your surfbar." Maybe moving to Germany will help, but I am not willing to do that, lol.

  • @daWallet So I left firefox running all night in private mode and it shows that I got over 2000sp points confirmed today.

    It seems to not count the first screen as it gathers information about your computer but pays the rest.