How to plot, mine, and CPU/GPU Performance

  • Hello All, I am new to burstcoin. Recently downloaded Burst Wallet. Going to plot my 3 tb hdd, any idea how long this will take with 2cpus? I also plan to start mining with 64 tb I have in storage on the other side of town tomorrow. Any long how much time that would take to plot? (I have about 3 cpus on the computer connected there.) And also what pools should I mine in for both the 3tb hdd and 64 tb HDD's?

    Another question I have is would it be better to mine with GPU over CPU? I am willing to invest in a octocore processor (AMD has one for 129 that is compatible with my motherboard.) or should I instead invest in GPU mining? I currently have 2 EVGA GeForce GT 730 Graphics Cards. 4 GB DDR3 - 128-bit - 700 MHz my mother board can host up to 4 video cards. If gpu mining is better, Ill go that route on my larger HDD space. Please advise, thank you all!!!