Newbie Needs Help in Taking Giant Step

  • Hi everyone. Newest newbie here. After spending 8 days syncing my local wallet I could not start it due to a corrupt DB. Had to delete it it and start again. Pheewww! Did you guys experience anything like this? I have started afresh using the online wallet but mean while I wasted 2 precious Bursts. I will be infinitely grateful if I can get a donation of 2 Bursts to help me take that all important giant step. I have already mapped 1 TB HDD and hope to join any of the pools. Many thanks!


  • @crashcup sent! Pay it forward to another newbie later too

  • @crashcup sent you some also.

    with the local DB syncinc it can virtually takes days to week(s) to sync it. Youd be far better of to dl it, then unzip it, takes 2-3 hours untill you are fully synced locally.

  • Many thanks to marc and congominer. You guys are awesome!