Help seeing progress of plotting

  • Hello,

    The progress of plotting my HDD increases by one line every time a nonce is done, but this causes the progress indicator to remain at the top of the cmd window.

    So, how do I either see what % I'm on or stop the cmd window from increasing?

    For the first 5% the nonce counter was moving but only one line of it, the beginning information remain and it showed the progress in white text and then for some reason the yellow nonce text pushed it all up.

    Thanks for your time.

  • If you can use the gpu plotter, the % it's more clear. The cpu plotter works as you say also for me, so it's more difficult to see the % in progress.

  • Thanks for the reply, would using the GPU require me to select Open CL from the start mining menu. As that opens a cmd window and then closes it, like it's crashed?