Is this how it is supposed to be?

  • Hello all

    Is this how it should look like when burst mining?

    this is my first time mining anything, so i have no clue if i done everything correctly now or if it's not good yet.

    started mining

  • @Techgtv yes , but with 11GB you will find it difficult to gain burstcoin as you can see the netDiff is now about 50000-83000 TB. i suggest you to plot more space

  • With only 11 GB it is most likely that for days if not weeks you wont catch not a single Burstcoin.

    As stated above try to plot more of your free harddisk space that you already have - or consider buying an external USB drive e.g. - might even look for a used one the size of 2 or 3 TB to get you started.

  • Thanks for the answers guys, really apreciate it.

    This is only a test plot to make sure i have everything how it supposed to be. I am currently plotting 1 TB, and after that my 4TB drive is up for plot, and already planning on a 8TB one in a week or two :). This 11GB plotm is on a drive that i can't use ( my IP Camera recording drive 🙂 )

    I can just add plots and after i hit start mining those will be used as well right? so after my 1TB is done, i restart mining, and when the 4TB is done i restart mining again?

    Thanks for the replies in advance!

  • @Techgtv i suggest you to plot in chunks, like 1tb files, in case you encountered some error or power lost wont lose so much of your time. and when you finished plotting(ex. 1tb) you can mine that 1TB while plotting the other 1TB in the same drive. but be sure to put it in other folder, if you are plotting using wallet, the plot will generate in (eg F:\Burst\Plot) so after plotting 1TB transfer the plot to (eg F:) then mine with it, if youre going to mine in the same folder that is use for plotting you will encounter some error(i dont know with other people but for me it does not work in the same folder).

    Just to make sure, yes restart your miner when you add a new plot. Hope it helps

  • Just to add what everyone is saying, be mindful not to overlap your future plots.

    Here is a thread that talks about it.

  • @socalguy

    That's something i will have to look into. how do i calculate how many nonces i should use in the new plot?

    I'm guessing i have to keep track of which nonces i am using on that specific computer right?

    For example i want to start plotting at 400000001 and i want to add a 4TB plot, what would my nonce range be?

    Sorry if the questions are getting a bit off topic btw, if need be i can start a seperate question somewhere else.

  • @Techgtv if youre using the wallet then you dont have to think of the nonce, wallet have the ui to adjust how much size you want to plot. so your only problem is the starting nonce? plot the first file(eg. 8732494484217888794_500000001_40960_40960 [10GB]plot), the file is save (eg F:\Burst\Plot). right after plotting the first one, plot the 2nd file without moving the first file so the wallet can calculate the starting nonce if you moved the first plot before plotting the 2nd the nonce will start at 500000001 again(overlapped), after you started the 2nd plot then now you can move the first plot from (eg F:\Burst\Plot) to (eg. f:). then you can now mine with it.

    if you want compute the starting nonce manually from the first file, just add the 2nd number (500000001) to the 3rd number (40960)

  • @socalguy

    I think i got it, i started plotting the 1TB and it started at 500000001 and is going right now. my test plot started at 900047041 because it is on another drive correct?

    Once that is done, i will start to plot the 4TB and the wallet AIO will start plotting after the last nonce used from the first 1TB plot.

    Once the 4TB plot is done, i can add another drive whenever i want, and it will pick up again where the 4TB last nonce has been plotted.

    Is it smart of me to instead of doing the whole 4TB, doing 1TB on the internal drive, then optimize those plots to the 4TB drive?

    so plot 2x 1TB, then optimize the first 1TB to the 4TB drive, write a third plot, and then optimize the second plot to the 4TB etc etc?

  • @Techgtv If you are using the wallet, your plots are optimized so no need to worry. Regarding 2x plotting i really dont recommend it when CPU plotting, you can still do it but it will be slower, i suggest you to plot 1 drive at a time when using CPU. but if you are using a good GPU(eg rx460,470,480 with high memory) then you can plot multiple drives at a time.

    mostly in my case when i started to plot 500000001(drive 1) then after i plotted all of it i started (drive 2) the starting nonce was 600000001.

  • @progryu009gaijin

    Oh so i don't have to do an optimize run after the initial plotting? i have watched the youtubes of imineblocks and he was talking about an optimize run to increase read speeds after the wallet plotted.

  • @Techgtv you can try to optimize it(i tried). plot optimizer will just tell you that is already optimized. if you are using gpu(buffer) to plot then you need to optimize it, but you are using wallet so it is optimized.

  • @progryu009gaijin

    Thanks again!

    I'll be mining tomorrow i think then 🙂

  • @Techgtv no problem, good luck!^_^¥