How long does it take to get reward from Mining pool with 1TB?

  • Hi guys,

    I'm running my miner for a day, but still didn't get any busrt coin in my account. I'm using '' and have 1TB plot.
    Could you please advise when I can get the burst coin?
    Additionally if I lost Internet connection during mining, can I still get reward for the amount of attending time out of all day?

  • I dont know how much you will get with just 1 TB but your pool should have rules on what the limit is to pay out or a time frame. Most pools are 300 burst and it will pay out or after 24 hours you will get paid out what you are owed.

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  • @gofurther Your question can not be answered in a serious way as there is too many variables involved. Lex pool currently is the biggest reliable single pool out there, mining some 45 blocks every day, currently Holding ~750 miners and rising afaik.

    Thats about 4,5 PB or 4500 TB of miners - you hold 1 TB, your share/ %Age of the pool. Maybe within a couple of days. Also note that hes on Holiday until next week, so unlikely to see any payouts, dunno, maybe Tross has taken over or its automated.

    1TB would only give you less or about than 10 Burst/week anyway (17 Cent of €/$) imo, so no Need to get over excited.

  • @Diesel1022 Thanks for letting me know. So if I mine and pause and mine, the pools anyway give me the coin whenever it reaches the specific amount of burst?

  • @gofurther yes give the pool wins some blocks, you only earn burst (or pending burst) if one of the miners in the pool wins a block