The crypto kid [email protected] :)

  • Hello everyone,

    So we had started a [email protected] for my 4yr old who loves burst. we are moving it here and making it into its own thread. This is just a fun thing for my son and for the forum. Ive found that this community is really great and my son loves doing this so we are going to try and do it daily but we may miss a day here and there.

    My son kaiden is 4yr old ive started calling him the crypto kid 🙂
    me and my son trade crypto together online and even though he is very young he really enjoys it.
    Please remember he is only 4 so make any answers to his questions simple and try and paint him a picture for him.
    Please keep it G rated and be appropriate.
    I would really like to have this be a active thread so please dont be shy and make comments. The crypto kid enjoys this more then any toys and it really makes his day talking with you guys 🙂
    Lets have fun and teach the crypto kid how to be a young burst prodigy!

  • This is awesome! Hi Crypto Kid. I wish I was into stuff like this when I was 4!

  • @Yottaphat

    crypto kid: Hi 🙂

  • The crypto kid questions of the day!

    1. Why is he just a picture? (translation why are the ppl in the comments pictures as in profile pics lol)
    2. How do you use it only with computer? (translation how is burst only used through computers and not in hand currency)
    3. Where did it come from? (no translation needed lol)

    remember he is 4 lol. any other topics can be talked about also. If you guys engage my son he will shock you so any topic you want shoot and I will read and explain it to him and he will respond 🙂

  • admin

    @explosive Welcome to the community CryptoKid!

    1. People pic profile pics to express how they want to be seen.
    2. All alt currencies only exist on computers. Having a physical coin would require a centralized source to make the coins, and centralized is counter to the intentions of alt coins.
    3. Someone had the awesome idea that mining using hard drives was a really cheap way of mining compared to other currencies.

  • Hi Kid. Why dont ask your dad why your Profile pic is of a like 2-3 months old while in fact youre 4 years old by now. Learning about the concept of time/future/past and all that. Dunno when its the right time for that though, 4 years too Young to grasp the concept of that?

    Edit: Hi Kid, when you are looking at your pic, its obviously than you are looking diffent by now than on the pic. Why is that?

  • admin

    @Marc The profile pic is not of Crypto Kid, it's @explosive 's new born daughter.

  • Hello CryptoKid! Let me try to answer some questions.

    1.) We are just a picture because that's how we choose to be seen as. Some people don't like to have their real faces online. Also it's more fun to be the Hulk.

    2.) Imagine everyone had a computer program piggy bank. Every computer is a piggy bank. Whenever you earn coins coins are placed into your piggy bank (we call them Wallets.) you can buy things with your coins in your computer's piggy bank by sending your coins to someone else's piggy bank or people can send coins to you through the internet.

    3.) Burstcoin came from some very smart and clever people that wrote an awesome program that let people connect their piggy banks all over the world and exchange coins through the internet.

  • This post is deleted!

  • wow awesome how many responses already! Thanks to everyone who is involved on this thread already! Cryptokid is napping but should be awake soon, then dinner, then we will jump on so he can respond to everyone! Then we are off to the hospital to see Alaina (new sister) and help muma out for a bit. busy night lol.

    (check out the AlainaHospitalFund in crowdfunding thread. Any and all donations are very much appreciated 🙂 donations can be made to BURST-XN74-BMV5-LNLF-F577B

  • Hey guys sorry we missed a day and we never got back on to reply to everyone. The cryptokid woke up and was having a hard time (probably stress with everything with his sister and him being 4 only way he can express himself is to act out) then muma called and needed me at the hospital because Alaina had a hard day and then that turned into a hard night she backslid a bit wouldn't eat lost some weight again 😞 anyways she is ok and doing better tonight. I just wanted to check in the boy is sleeping but he will be on tomorrow. I'm working on verifying my story and everything because I think there might be some skepticism that way everyone knows I'm being honest.

    we will be on tomorrow to do [email protected] unless something else happens.

  • @Yottaphat


    I read everything to the kiddo.

    his response to #1: I want my pic to be a burst coin.

    his response to #2: I want to put my real coins in the computer

    his response to #3: cool!

  • thecryptokid wants to talk about a idea today 🙂

    thecryptokid: I want to um um give my friend conner a piggy bank and some coins and a wallet. um cause I would like that.
    me: what would you and conner do with your burst piggy banks?
    thecryptokid: we would stick them together to make one big piggy bank.
    me: what would you guys do with the burst in the piggy bank?
    cryptokid: umm buy toys.

    cryptokid: bye bye

  • @Marc

    that isn't cryptokid that's Alaina my newborn daughter.

  • Hi CryptoKid!

    Getting your friends involved is fun! I use my burst from my piggy bank for toys too. except my toys are usually computer parts. That's the best part, buying things for yourself with your internet coins!

    You and your friend's big piggy banks sounds like the birth of an Asset 😛