Mining reward is about 25% of what it should be - what is the issue?

  • I am new to mining BURST, and have started mining since a short week with 6.25 TB.
    I am mining on Lexitoshi's pool, using the AIO wallet mining tool (burstcoin-jminer-0.4.10-SNAPSHOT)

    According to different mining calculators, I should currently be getting 62 Burst per day, however I only have a "pending" balance of 84 Burst after 3 or 4 days of mining with full capacity, and a few more days mining with less capacity, while the HDD were being plotted one by one.

    So I am getting only about 25% of what I should be getting.

    I do not see any noticeable errors in jminer.

    Anyone has an idea what could be wrong?
    Where to start troubleshooting?

  • The calculators are not accurate short term. You may get a lot more or a lot less than what the calculators indicate.

    Think of the calculator as a statistical estimator and that the amount it estimates is an average over time. I do not know what the "time" is.