Why is difficulty going up so fast?

  • Hi all, does anyone have insight on why difficulty is rising so fast and if might stabilize or go back down a bit? Or at least I hope price continues to rise which would also help.

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    @cyberspacemonkey The price of the coin went from 50 satoshis to today's 750 satoshis. That put the coin onto a lot of peoples radars, and a lot of them started mining. These forums have been up for about 18 months, and as today have a little over 6,000 registered members. 1,400 of those signed up in the last month. Signups are currently over 100 new users/day.

  • @haitch Thats good news, I think people are finally realizing the advantages of PoC mining versus other types, based on market cap and with a conservative estimate Burst price can easily go up 5X. What I don't like is the lack of progress on upgrading the code and adding new features, it's still pretty much just a NXT clone that you can mine with hard drive.

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    @cyberspacemonkey I'm not a core/wallet developer, I just provide the web infrastructure here, but it's my understanding that there are going to be a whole lot of significant updates in the next wallet release.