Plotting question

  • So i have been mining for about two weeks now working with the drives I have until the ones I ordered to be delivered. Currently, I am using 8 drives; three 500gb, two 1TB and three 2TB. Each of these are separately plotted by the nonces I will post below. I used xplotter to plot each drive.

    BURST1 - 500000001 1TB

    BURST2 - 300000001 500GB

    BURST3 - 700000001 2TB

    BURST4 - 200000001 2TB

    BURST5 - 400000001 2TB

    BURST6 - 600000001 1TB

    BURST7 - 800000001 500GB

    BURST8 - 900000001 500GB

    Am I on the right track with this setup?

    Is it a good idea to plot a whole 8TB drive as a whole or divide it up into like 2-4TB chunks?

    Apologize for the nooby question, information on this subject is awfully scattered or unclear.

  • admin

    @Murdock Yep, staggering the starting nonces avoid overlaps, keep using that approach. 8TB drive - personal choice, I do single 8TB plots, others do chunks. If you're using xplotter there is no concern about a plotting interruption - xplotter can resume plots.

  • Thanks for the quick reply. I guess I am overthinking my starting nonces. I feel like they are totally basic and typical for someone who has no idea what to do lol. Suppose the starting nonces really dont matter unless they are overlapping?

  • admin

    @Murdock You don't need to make the nonces contiguous, it's just essential they don't over lap. It's the number of nonces you have that counts, not whether they are contiguous. I'm going to be plotting out 192TB using exactly the same approach you used - just increment the start nonce for each drive by 50 Million from the previous one.