Silly questions from a noob, please forgive :)

  • Hi,

    First off as plotting seems to take so long, once I have a plotted hdd is that it or will I need to re-plot it at some point?

    Second I have tried to speed up plotting using gpu but i either get:

    error -36 cl_invalid_command_queue error in step2 kernel finish

    or when i changed device config to recommended i get

    invalid parameter on line 1

    both my laptops are running latest i7 processors and nivdia 960 and the other one is 870, first has 16gb of ram and the other has 8gb

    Thanks for any help or explanations.

  • admin

    @MinyMan117 Plotting is a one time thing. I've never had any success with nVidia GPU's for plotting, hopefully someone can help you, but I'd just CPU plot.