Which pool for beginners?

  • Hi all,
    I am new to hdd mining. Could you tell me which pool ist good for beginners. I have about 8 TB of disk space. And what is the difference between pools?

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  • @ciscler Well the decision of a pool is up to you, I recommend research into the pools and making your decision based on research. Everyone here is just going to tell you to join their pool (with that in mind, My pool is falconburstpool.xyz you should totally join us.) As for the differences between pools, There really isn't any long-term. Either you join a big pool and his frequent blocks but small payouts or small pools with larger payouts per block. Also, Some pools have different payout times. Most of the pools will pay you if you earn 300 burst or every 24 hours. (Our pool just happens to be 500 burst or 48 hours.)

    Now, for your size, you will want to avoid the pools that are meant for big miners. Different pools will have different Deadline requirements. Pools for big miners will have Short Deadline requirements (usually <24 hours). With 8TB you might not his a DL every block. If you arn't submitting DL's you won't be earning burst. So that in mind avoid pools that are designed for Big miners.

    So I guess moral of the story is look for pools that you feel comfortable in and can send DL's almost every block. I recommend our pool, falconburstpool.xyz , but obviously I'm biased so take that with a grain of salt.

    Here are some sites to help you research your pools.


    Lastly, Once you've decided to choose a pool stick with that pool for a bit. It's tempting to change pools quickly when you are looking for a pool for yourself but you won't get a good look at what the pool has to offer unless you stay there for at least a week before trying something new.

    Hope that helps!

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