Mining blocks? m.2 power underestimated?

  • Hey i just got into burst mining. From my understanding, when mining you normally find a nonce that is a certain days or minutes away from a block. Sometimes you can find another nonce that is closer in time. Is there a algorithm or method that would be able to mine and when it finds a "confirmed dl", it will be able to generate nounces that are closer to that block.
    Because a m.2 alone with a gtx1080 is able to plot 1tb in 20 minutes, with only using about %1 of harddrive write time.

    Also is there a program that allows you to plot and then mine almost in the same instance. Because the write speed of the m.2 is extremely fast. I was wonding if you can just plot and then scan and if you dont find any "confirmed Dl" it just overwrites and plots again and scans until it gets close to the block.

    Is it possible to have multiple GPU help plot one hardrive? M.2 is to much for 1080's. If you can get multiple gpu to plot and then mine it after it plots. It just seems to me that I would be able to get more punch out of a m.2 with mass plotting and erasing until I get a good block time.

    I know currently everyone says more TB is better, but if you are able to generate 1tb plots in ~1min or less because of the write speed on m.2's, wouldnt it be smarter to create a script that allows you to plot then mine and if the block is still the same it will keep searching by creating another plot and scanning until the block moves on to the next?

    Just wondering if m.2 will play a role in hard drive mining any time soon.

    Hopefully this is the right place to ask this question or theory.