Acid Reflux Is Beating Us

  • Drama seems to be the flavor of 2017 for Burstcoin. Which, I guess it's ok since we are growing every month. New folks are joining up and getting involved with the coin. So, with new minds being added, we are going to go through some growing pains. I also will admit that I find some of the drama interesting and look forward to reading the threads.

    But we are still a small community; why all the harsh drama??

    To put it in terms that might deliver my point, I looked up google search trends for Burstcoin and compared it to other search results. Since I recently had a bout with acid reflux, I added it to the comparison. haha

    0_1498568925052_what are we doing.PNG

    The word "acid reflux" is doing better and more popular than burstcoin.

    Now, you might be thinking right now, "so what, why should I care what you think; you're a weirdo."

    I'm glad you asked.

    Creating drama does bring in more eyes to the coin and the price of the coin also helps too. Yet, if new folks, joining up, just see thread after thread of drama and infighting, they are not going to stay for long. Nor care about the future of the coin.

    Also, we are still small in comparison to other coins and communities. We still have a tremendous way to go before we can start flexing our chest and saying we are the best.

    Drama does have its place in every community. Yet, at times, I feel it's a bit too much for the coin.

    So, I implore you, before you do something that will stir up massive drama, take a moment to understand that we are still a small community. We are growing in popularity and usefulness. Your investment into Burst will only grow if you nurture the coin and help it grow.

  • @socalguy bitcoin is throwing off your graph, because of the relative difference in interest.

    Here are the WIki stats.

  • @iKnow0 But that's my point. We are doing good, but compared to other topics, including bitcoin, we still have tremendous room to grow. To add massive drama to the mix is only suppressing the coin's popularity and pageviews.

    oh and I like that Pageviews Analysis site. Very Nice

  • @socalguy Yes and No, the fact that Burst has survived all the previous drama says a lot about the Burst community resilience, it has a long way to go for sure, but these things do not happen overnight. The price and volumes are increasing, so its not scaring people in fact quite the opposite. Even the script kiddy mining drama has its pluses, IT departments all over the world will know Burst in time.

  • @iKnow0 Well....the difficulty is scaring

  • @rattle99 i was getting 2 blocks a day, now its 1 every three days. There is a positive, as Burst becomes harder to mine the price per Burst will increase.

  • @iKnow0 But do you think that the one BURST minimum fee will deter price increase after a point?

  • @rattle99 No, i think its quiet reasonable, even if 1Burst was = 1 $US, it still would be cheaper and faster than banks for sending money across the world.

  • @iKnow0 I think in the future crypto should replace fiat currencies, ofcourse we have a long way to go for that but one thing that will necessarily help us realise that is low fees, very low fees, just like a normal transaction with cash!

  • @rattle99 there are fees associated with Cash, collecting old notes, destroying them and issuing new currency, not to mention Banks, we need to suffer Banks in order for fiat to exist.

  • @iKnow0

    You are right, price and volume are increasing. But don't rely on what you see.

    Unfortunately, right now, there is around (this changes by the hour) 149 Mil worth of burst ready to be sold on polo. But buyers only want around (this changes by the hour) 86 Mil of it. This includes buyers at 1 sat. It seems more folks are interested in farming and selling the coin than keeping it. Someone can literally drive the price back down to levels we all don't want to see again.

    That scares me even though I'm about to purchase more hardware assets for the coin. My faith in the coin scares me at times..

    IMO The drama is bringing in folks that are here to farm the value of the coin and nothing more. So yes, it's become more popular, but we need more enthusiasts and long term holders than script kiddies, drama queens, and or just here to sell.

    I guess we'll see in five years or so. I hope I'm wrong.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @socalguy Yes! I am so tired of all the flaflafla. I love this coin, I loved watching it grow, but I have been less and less interested in mining... getting to hard for the small miners.
    I also feel, and this is just my opinion, that theses quick growth spurts are not good for the coin (pumps and dumps). They are good for the big holders, buy cheap assets and sell at the top, but for smaller long term investors like me, this is not good for my portfolio. Every week end I am watching the charts, I do not what to encourage BN or BNR, since they banished me, I have never gone back. So I watch the charts and I know that they are pushing up the prices.
    I hate Fridays and Saturdays now!

  • @socalguy My faith in the coin scares me at times..

    In the end its all about making Money, no? Your just a cheap mofo (your Quote :-)) as myself and many others. Split 5x20% or the likes Holding, AE ,paying out to fiat, buy other crypto and investing into new HW (thats eff. 60% believe into the Burst eco anyway, numbers may vary..)

    Better save than sorry or so they say.

  • @socalguy Just thought that you might find this useful. Enjoy 😛

  • @Marc "sent you some for another fart try, should arrive soon." Your quote 🙂

    Honestly, I have no idea where your sentences, from your response, begin or end. So, I'm not sure if you agree with me or not. lol btw, I use Grammerly. It helps a lot and it's free! For the benefit of the community, I think you should use it too. :-))

    Creating wealth using cryptocurrency is part of what we do. Yet, it should be more if someone ever wants to make serious wealth using cryptocurrency. Also, if it was just about making money, then this community wouldn't be what it is today.

    From what I can make out, you are trying to say that spreading your risk around it good. I agree with you on that. Yet holding onto Burst is not risky. If you think it's risky, go ask Laszlo Hanyecz about his purchase and see if he should have held onto his coins.

  • @k.coins lol you watch Michael too?! He's awesome! I recommend anyone that is having some health concerns to head over to his Youtube channel and watch his videos. Great stuff!