Very strange results while selecting a pool and changing reward recipient..can anyone explain this?

  • This is going to sound like absolute lunacy. Have any of you got strange results while clicking the change reward recipient tab that is supposed to give you the reward recipient of your new pool? for instance, having it copy your own burst address as the pools reward recipient? or... even having it copy your passphrase to the clipboard in place of the pools reward recipient? How do the mechanics or whatever even allow something like that to happen? I saw them happen, there is no other variable i can think of that might cause that kind of result, and honestly it's freaking me the frack out... if it really is some kind of glitch then its serious business, either that or i'm hacked, or i'm batshit crazy, and i know your probably far more likely to believe the bullshit option, but i assure you... it was just as real as anything else i can imagine, theres no way i'm the only one, it's not possible, and theres absolutely no reason i'd post this with the possibility of serious ridicule over making something like this up, so.... please help me understand how this was even possible, i'm told by someone really smart that it IS NOT possible, if you need any clarification on anything specific i did to get those results, i will answer the best that i can, please help me understand what i just saw, thank you in advance.... god it was so weird.