Hello Burst community! Newby needs help

  • Hello burst team, im new to this kind of mining, just finished plotting my 8tb wd red drive. Now i want to start mining but do not have the 1 Burst to set my pool rewards. Can someone help me out? Ill pay him back as soon as i can.


  • use the faucets i think they only work once though! and welcome!

  • I tried the ones i know, they seem to be empty or not to work for my account since they are only for "new accounts" i already had 2 burstcoins with this account ๐Ÿ˜ž

  • you used your 2 burstcoins already for setting a alias and a reward assignment. I sent you some coins.

  • Thank you very much

  • Welcome to Burst forum,
    I hope your mining goes well.
    See you around ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Thanks for the warm welcome!
    I still have some issues start mining. I just recieved 5 Burst but every time i try to setup the pool to my Burst account which contains german key letters like: "รœ.รค" and so on i get the error massage: {"errorDescription":"Unknown account","errorCode":5}. If i use the account without such letters it is no problem to set up the rewards but my HDD is plotted with ne Burst id of the said first account which gets the error reading. I cant mine an hdd plotted with an different burst id right?

    I dont want to spend 2 days again plotting the 8tb. Does someone know how i can get rid of the {"errorDescription":"Unknown account","errorCode":5} error using letters like รœรค ?

    Im very not good in english, im sorry i hope u are able to understand my problem

  • @Crypto_gogo That is to technical for me, but I hope you get help soon and your mining start.

  • @Crypto_gogo If you start replotting right now, it will be done before you know it, just get it done, that's what i would do, don't sweat the small stuff at least your computer can plot, mine takes a week for 8 tb get it done man!

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    @Crypto_gogo If you're using the wallet generated passphrase, there should be no special characters in the passphrase - the dictionary uses only english language words.

    I would generate a new passphrase generated by the wallet. If you want to make it more impossible to crack, add some numbers/symbols into the phrase. Save it, replot, then start mining. Post your new address and I'll send you a few Burst to get you started.

  • Ok thank you, the 5 Burstcoin i recieved by Estie Trixie are enough i guess. My Drive is plotted to this Burstid: BURST-V2HM-ALRA-5KNV-FY6SL Can you check if everything is set correctly? This is the only account that is not able to set the reward. I tried typing the pw by hand, copy it as plain text i allways get the error: {"errorDescription":"Unknown account","errorCode":5}.

    If i cant fix it in the next few hours ill have to plot drive again. Thx for everyone who helped me. If someone has an idea to fix the error, i will try every idea! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    @Crypto_gogo said in Hello Burst community! Newby needs help:


    That account is recognized by the network - I suspect, but can't say with certainty that the German special characters are causing your issue.