I need to re-install/move my wallet to a bigger drive

  • Hi, guys!

    My default drive has run out of space so I cannot install the blockchain database onto it.

    So, how do I create a new wallet and still keep the Burst I've mined so far? Could I just "cut" the wallet directory from its current drive and paste it to a larger one? Sounds too simple.

    Thanks for the advice :).

    P.S. By the time I'm through with all my questions, I'll be ready to take the administrator test 🙂

  • admin

    @vmantilla You can move the wallet software anywhere you like - your coins are stored on the Blockchain, and your passphrase is the key to the account. The wallet software doesn't care where it's running, and you just need to worry about protecting your passphrase.

  • Thank you, sir. You are a gentleman and a scholar.

    P.S. And, there are darn few of us left 🙂