setting up network storage to mine?

  • hey all, was wondering if any of you have set up network storage before and could help me out a bit. I managed to map the storage as drive letters in windows, but when I try to plot them, I cannot. I made a post about this on steemit, but unfortunately the community there for burst isn't big enough so I never got a response. I don't feel like retyping all the info so please check it out here if you think you can be of help.
    Thank you very much!

  • There are a couple of issues here. First may be simply that G: doesn't exist in an admin command prompt (Windows context differs between admin and non-admin users). If "dir G:" (without quotes) doesn't work in admin command prompt do "net use G: \ComputerName\Share" to map the drive for admin. I still don't think this will fix it though - I believe with xplotter it tries to expand the file first for much quicker writing. This doesn't work across a file share though as you can only do this command (in Windows itself - not an issue with xplotter) for local disks.

    To use xplotter you'd have to run it not as administrator - this means it would go back to older way of creating the file but this is really slow. To give you an indication I tested this recently plotting a 4TB disk. I got through 30% of a plot locally versus 2% across a network in the same time.

    That being said there's nothing inherently wrong with plotting across the network - it just means you'll have trouble creating fully optimized plots in a single hit to start with. If you do want to plot across network you'd be better off trying some different plotting software as xplotter seemed incredibly slow for me. Not sure on recommendations for Windows but I used mdctt on Linux to do some network plotting and was able to get good write speeds (12K nonces/min with 10GB RAM in use and 10GB files - buffering whole lot seemed best for me but obviously didn't leave fully optimised plot files at the end of it).

    In terms of mining it should be fine if your network and disk are up to spec. You can pull ~100MBps over gigabit networking assuming you aren't using WiFi. I'd definitely recommend having fully optimized plots though as otherwise the latency of network will make the speed seem apparently much worse than unoptimized plots on a local disk in the tests I've done. That being said I've been able with unoptimized plots across a few different NAS hosts to read 16TB of data in < 2 minutes - not amazing but enough for all but the fastest rounds and better than not using the storage at all.

    Hope that helps a bit!

  • @guytp it sure did, thanks for the info!

  • @dunixify You are trying to plot Google Drive and other public storage service. I don't think that's going to work out for you, unless you plot it locally first and then put it over there but I don't think its efficient to plot to those kinds of service. I taught you are talking about a NAS server that you can only map via samba.

    Anyways, I have not tried any of those.. I only plotted network storage locally so maybe someone here can answer that question further.