Question on error message

  • I got this error message, [ERROR 1006] Your deadline is good... for the previous block! You sumitt
    your nonce too late. I'm not sure if this is something that is important and needs attention or not but i want to know what it means. alt text

  • Probably a issue with the pool as your network is 0%. There's been a few pools attacked recently with DDos and i am assuming that will be the cause unless you have any network issues your end.

  • My network has been fine, So i guess it is the pool, I just thought it was a visual glitch because info at the bottom of my miner is often off like it is in the snapshot.

  • admin

    @Beast It means the pool moved onto the next block while your DL was being sent.

  • my screen is ALL blue now... on

    I already changed pool 4 times in 30 min, it seems to me that they are all in trouble. Any reason for that?

  • "My screen is all blue now" just brought back old Windows BSOD flashbacks. BSOPD? Blue Screen Of Pool Death?