Is the Burst calculator accurate? My earnings are too low!

  • I'm mining with 16TB, I'm supposed to mine ~150 Bursts/day according to the calculator. In fact, I only make ~30-40 Bursts/day.

    Mining in Lexitoshi pool, all plots optimized.

    How much Burst do you guys make, and how much HDD you are mining on? Any advices?

    Thanks a lot!

  • it is, it's called varience, and 30-40 burst a day? maybe you'll hit a block that's about 700-800 BURST just for you 🙂

  • @HiDevin yeah, theres a bit of luck involved, it gives you a set ammount based on your size compared to the size of the network and block rewards. you could make 30 coins a day for a week and then hit a block giving you example 800 burst, that would be 7x30 = 210 + 800 a total of 1010, divide that by 7 would be 144 burst a day, you see alot of it depends on weather or not you hit a block and also your pool success rate and how many good dl you get compared to others in your pools (shares)

  • Damn calculators should be banned, or explain they do not indicate daily or weekly or monthly income.

  • If you think a little, the calculators can not be exact since they do not know what pool you are in, nor the blocks that the pool has won etc.

    So you have to look at it in the long term, you may not win what you say daily but if you find 3 blocks in the month and you get the average, the 3 blocks is an example.

    For example I found in a month 4 blocks that for me is like 40 days.
    It is necessary to take into account the part of luck that that can not take into account the calculator

  • @vmantilla said in Is the Burst calculator accurate? My earnings are too low!:

    Damn calculators should be banned, or explain they do not indicate daily or weekly or monthly income.

    or they should be explicitly clear that "difficulty" is rising like a banshee and any quoted number will be dramatically different in 30 days... what it calculates today, won't be the same tomorrow, or the next day, or the next day, and I think that is misleading folks when they punch in number and see, wow it'll only take me 6 months to make all my money back, when in 6 months they might be saying, well looks like I need another 6 months to make my money back, etc etc...

  • @Darkbane well, I'd say there should be a line "use your brain." sorry, but NOWHERE does anyone give any guarantees in crypto, do you know what you are demanding here ?

  • I agree, these damn calculators are entirely misleading. I ended up with 8x the value I was quoted by the calculator last year. Damn calculator. What am I going to do with this extra thousands of dollars in Burst?

  • @vaxman said in Is the Burst calculator accurate? My earnings are too low!:

    @Darkbane well, I'd say there should be a line "use your brain." sorry, but NOWHERE does anyone give any guarantees in crypto, do you know what you are demanding here ?

    I don't want to make it appear I am expecting to get what the calculator says, I TOTALLY understand the concept of difficulty rising as floods come into this the last month, I am saying others who are unaware of this should be given a CLEAR notice since they are buying hardware based off the estimates this calculator is giving them without a "total picture" view of whats happening in this currently...

    now we could both say, well, its their own damn fault for not doing more research for spending money on equipment they likely will be extremely disappointed on the results with, and you'd be right, they are foolish for jumping into something they don't have a clear picture of, but if I hadn't spent the better part of a week reading thousands of forums messages myself I likely too would have believed the calculator, I mean its not illegitimate, its just misleading because it doesn't include the "estimated" difficulty over that month long time period, it only projects a "today" snapshot, which will not be 30 days from now, heck, I think it might double or triple in difficulty in the next 30 days the way folks are flooding into this and spending thousands on equipment...

    thats all I am saying... I'm not saying the calculator is fooling me, I understand its limitations and lack of a true calculation, its only good for today, and even that is an estimation since you might not get any blocks today, but those form the outside, are being greatly mislead when a clear warning and notice could be posted with the calculators to clearly spell out the dramatic change that COULD happen at any moment and IS happening today... but I get it, if I want to make a better calculator, do it myself and don't complain about what others have done right, but likewise I could say, they could easily spend 30 seconds to edit the html and add a warning that this calculation is based on todays numbers and if NOTHING change, but that things are clearly changing by the second and that will grossly overestimate the results when it gives a 30 day estimation...

    P.S. for example, I just went to the calculator and put in 8TB as an example, it says I should make 2300 burst in a month, wow holy gee whats that worth, so we copy 2300 over to the other side and it says thats worth $42.44 a month, wow thats fanastic, I'm going to run out and buy a HD and start mining! but in reality, in a month from now, that might be all the way down to $12.44 the way things are going, and the calculator should put a SIMPLE warning on the bottom that these numbers are based on TODAY with NO changes, and thats NOT realistic, they should put a quick chart below of the rising difficulty perhaps, so people can visually see the MONSTROUS growth in the past month, and how dramatic that could be in another month... just saying, if something wants to give "factual numbers" based on changing data, it should clearly cite that changing data is IMMENSE at this moment so people can make a more informed choice... but like I acknowledge, part of its their own damn fault, but of the community wants to be viewed as professional or quality, it needs to police itself and attempt to provide the most accurate and best quality information possible, and allowing even the stupid people to be mislead, hurts burst...

    P.S.S. and ironic enough if you click the burst network size on that size it brings up the VERY chart they should be putting on that calculator page, and explaining, "as network size increase, so does difficulty, and your profits will decrease" or something better worded for multiple languages... don't leave folks in the dark, put all the data on the table, don't hide the dramatic shift that will directly impact people expecting a result they will NEVER get at this point if this trend continues... a simple disclaimer is all thats needed, and SHOULD be desired...

  • Real numbers without calculator, Dollars generated in 6 months, I do not calculate it with the price of today since it has not always been like this, I calculate it to 1000 BURST per block and at a price of 16 dollars every 1000 BURST.

    I generated in 6 months about 350 dollars with an investment of 180 dollars in a 5 TB disk, I almost doubled the investment in six months and that only with the blocks found.

    As I said above the calculators can not calculate the fate that each has, nor can they know if you are in a pool suitable for you, that is why they are only indicative of both burst and other currencies.

    In the calculator already says LONG-TERM AVERAGE
    Can check on my account

  • @kevmachine and network size tripled in 30 days (July 2017), so earnings lowered by 60% + 5% down every month. It's not worth mining at all in few weeks, even with high price of Burst.

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    The calculator takes numbers from the last 360 blocks from the past, not the future.

    We can add more explanation for sure. @haitch

    When you're longer here you maybe experienced regular waves of newcomers questioning if mining “fractions of a penny" is worth it and "will it ROI soon"..

    Mining is always tending to cover only the marginal costs of today but when adding time and possible value increase to the equation then you will never use the calculator again...

    It's speculative so better you are not only here for the money - but for the currency.