quick answer PLOT and copying

  • Is it possible to copy a PLOT file using a docking station and then change the name to it
    Will it work?
    Because I have a docking station that copies at 250 megabytes per second it will save a lot of time from preparing a PLOT file

  • @yogev558 you can copy plots from one drive to another as you like, but you can't (or shouldn't) change its name 🙂

  • @vExact Btw, if I have say a 8TB drive and I plot on a 5TB with a 4TB plot file.. Say I copy that to the 8TB after it finish and then I start another new plot on the 5TB internal drive and once that finish should I just copy the actual plot file to the Drive:\Burst\Plot folder? So it would be two plots in there?

  • You could as long as you don't overlap the nonces. Make sure your second plot has a larger starting number that the last nonce of your first plot. Just make sure you have enough room to fit both plots on one drive.

    Crap! I'm beginning so sound like everybody else <smile>. I hope this was clear.

  • @rmbuan sure. SMR drives are low as hell for plotting, so if you got non-SMR 5 TB to plot for example is much better to plot there and then copy the plots over.

  • Yes, but since the big issue with SMR drives is writing, won't it take him just as long to copy a file to his drives as it would to just plot the drives?

    Just wondering :).

  • @vmantilla copy is fast, as well as reading.