Need help, 22TB but have not forged a block in last 3 weeks.

  • I just wonder it is normal with my system.

    Here is what I though that might go wrong:
    I just plotted by xplot, there is a gap of nounce between disks (ex disk 1 from 0 to 9000, disk 2 from 10000 to 19000,...). And mine by Blago mining, no local wallet/node. Sometimes I saw a lag between the pool and the Blago, the pool already start new block 30s but the Blago has not read HDD, yet.
    All the disks are read within 30s. If I found a deadline, it take 20-60s to confirm by the pool. The daily income around 50-100 burst/day, but I have not forged a block for 3 weeks.

    Thank you so much.

  • @marsjp Mining has become way more difficult compared to a a few Weeks ago.

    Go back a Month and with 80TB I was averaging just under 14 Blocks a Week and the longest I had ever been without forging a Block was 4 Days.

    In the last 4 Weeks I have only forged 6 Blocks so now averaging 1 1/2 blocks a Week and I think that Mining is continuing to get harder as it's now 10 Days since I forged a Block.


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