True size of Burstcoin network

  • Been trying to get a better estimate of the total capacity of the Burstcoin network. I previously asked what the size was

    @Blago said
    netDiff = 18325193796 / baseTarget (where Burst block 0 BaseTarget = 18325193796)

    But to me the network difficulty and network size are completely different.

    So I did the following calculation to calculate the total network capacity....

    My miner is 169TB
    My pool historic contribution is 2.298%

    So 1% of my pool is 169/2.29 = 73.79

    => 100% of my pool is 7279TB

    At this point in time, my pool had won 17 of 205 blocks for the day

    17/205 = 8.29% of the total blocks

    So if 7279TB is aprox 8.29% of the total network capacity

    then 1% of the total network capacity is 878 TB
    then 100% of the total network capacity is 87,800 TB

    Almost 88PB.

    At the same time 44,653TB was the estimate of (estimated size)

    My calculations although rough approximates do indicate that the estimated size is way off. Also given my mining rewards I am thinking my estimate is more accurate.

    Can others do the same calculation for their plot size and pool block wins and post the results here for comparison.

    All comments welcome.

  • @iKnow0 Repeating your calculation with my 80TB. I am on the same Pool.

    I get a network size of 61PB.

    Although you calc is valid i think the time frame you are doing it over is way too short. Also our Historic Share of the Pool would be significantly influenced by winning a Block.

    What I would say is that relative to a Month ago my earnings are massively down having gone from around 2500 / Day to around 350 / Day. I used to average 2 Blocks a Day, now I am lucky to make 1 Block in a Week and have now been 10 Days without a Block.


  • @RichBC Ninja is down btw, i agree about the time frame but trying to find a stable pool is getting harder. Will be interesting to see some results from other pools.

  • @iKnow0 I really do not know what to do Pool wise. Was quite happy with ccminer for some time but switched to the new ninja and my earnings improved a little, hopefully it will be back up soon.

    I was uncertain at first about the 500 Blocks for Historic Share but I actually think it stabilises the Share and will penalise anyone dipping in and out of the pool which is fine by me.


  • @RichBC , your method is exactly what I have been doing for months to get that number. Ninja is a great pool to do it because they use 500 blocks.