Adding more GB to existing plot/1TB External HD..Yes, No?

  • Hi! Finally, I think my mining is coming along and I would like to add the remaining 114GB I initially started to plot with (200GB), but somehow ended up with only 86GB plotting! Plus I have a 1TB external HD that I would like to add to my mining project. Can Somebody please kindly tell/show me the next step I need to make? I'd be so grateful...Thanks again!

    0_1468323953704_Untitled 7.png

    0_1468325211112_Untitled 8.png

  • I hope you have read the tutorials already and I'm not wasting key strokes.

    Look at your existing plot, it should have the format of:

    Your your next file with the following parms:

    Eg: first file is: 123123123_0_344000_4000
    New one should be 123123123_344000_#####_4000

    for #### Put in the number of Nouces, You can calculate the number of nouces if you know the number of GB you wish to use. The formula is GB * 4000, so to add 1TB use the number 4000000. Always leave a little headroom in your calculation, you could get rounding due to stagger size, 5% under sizing is typically safe.