Poloniex or Bittrex?

  • I recently started mining,and I want to start sending my coins to Poloniex,but I know there is so many people in Chat groups, or even when Poloniex still had their Trollbox that had issues not receiving their coins in Poloniex and sending support tickets that is pending for weeks or not getting answered,after sending coins from different coin wallets.Can someone just let me know if Poloniex is still ok to send your coins to,and how long did it take to show up in the exchange,please someone that send coins recently?I have not had problems with Bittrex,but still want to trade in Poloniex.

  • I tend to go more for Bittrex because the site doesn't seem to go down as much as polo has recently, trades seem to go through a little quicker and also the support is much better. Polo is good too and many prefer it. I guess it's just what you prefer, there's not a lot of difference between them.

  • Does Bittrex have a lending service like Polo?

  • @Yottaphat No Bittrex don't have a lending service.