• is the owner of this asset dead?, no any update of what is happening creat asset collect miners coin and took to there heel and not anyone to charllenge their activities.

    miner please for your own interest keep your coin dint buy any asset all scam .

  • @cashgold

    From the owner of the asset,

    @mathew said in [ANN] MIA - Investment Asset:

    Hi everyone, currently having a internet issue at my house and cannot log onto my computer. Since I forgot about this week I am planning on just waiting till next payout which is wednesday to pay this out.
    Thanks for your understanding!

    Today is a Wed so I would wait until the end of today to see if he does a payout or not.

  • @socalguy thank socalguy

  • @cashgold Np 🙂

    I hope he does a payout today.

  • @cashgold I'm sure @mathew forgot about it/has no internet connection. You should write under his ANN post so he gets notified^^ All of funds are in his wallet and he is verified so you have nothing to worry about^^

  • @Hyzi0 thank friend

  • Wallet balance currently over 3,700 coins about three times as much as a normal dividend payout. Has alot of shares of the some of the best assets too. Tons of FlexCore and SoCal shares. Just hope he is alright and is able to make it back to push that dividend button.

  • admin

    Matthew emailed me back:

    Hi Haitch,

    I emailed you a few weeks ago but not sure if you got it, here is what it said:
    Hi Haitch,
    On Friday night my basement was flooded with heavy rain that we had in our area, my computer is completely ruined as well as other valuable things in my home. I am trying to find/order a laptop or cheap desktop so I can see if my main hard drive and plotted hard drives are still functional. I am hoping that my main hard drive is at least still in working condition as that is where my wallet passwords were stored for my main wallet as well as the asset wallet. It was stupid of me not to write down a hard copy of the passwords which I completely blame myself for. I am asking you to please post in my asset thread for everyone to halt buying/selling of shares and hopefully I will be able to get a new computer soon to see if the hard drive is still operational. I will keep you updated on when I am able to order a new computer or if the hard drives are still working. I will also try to log onto burst-team website within the next day but in the past I have had troubles with it on my phone. Thank you very much and appreciate it."

    I took the hard drives to a local computer shop and they don't think they are able to recover any of my files as well as the passwords. I am trying to figure out if I can find another solution to getting the accounts back as many people are counting on this asset to succeed and I don't want to let them down. I'm hoping to get in contact with a few other computer repair shops in my local area to see if they can be recovered as well as my computer to be fixed. I will let you know within the week on what my computer and hard drive status is. I'll also continue to try and get onto the forums from my phone although I have had no luck so far.

    And thank you for emailing me!
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  • omg he didn't write down.

    Whats at stake here other than investors funds.

    FlexCore 7'955.73 shares
    Lex4All 17'020 shares
    SoCalsFarm 5'301 shares
    CCM1000 18'737 shares
    Kid is sitting on a small gold mine with all those top assets. Live and learn I guess. Write that chit down and email it to yourself so its saved forever.
    Looks like he did a great job on picking which ones to buy. At today's prices it take at least over $1k to get those assets again if the current ones are lost forever.