How long does a hard drive plotting?

  • I have a 8TB hard drive, I am new in mining burst, I started to ploting the hard drive, but already pas 3 hours, and have like a 8%, is this normal?

    Can I mining when the hard drive its still ploting?

  • @dfmd1987 , that is normal,

    If you mine a partially plotted drive you will get errors on the miner. Just wait for it to be done.

    To start mining earlier, next time plot 8- 1TB files. As soon as each file is done you can start mining with them.

  • Thanks rds!

    How can I know how many nonces per minute my PC can plot??

  • @dfmd1987 hello superfrends

    I have 13 hdd
    and I want to buy anouther 10 hdd
    So, my problem is ploting , because for 1 hdd of 8 tb , a must to wait 8 days . This is for cpu ploting. The speed is 3200nonces per minut

    Its possible to use a GPU pltoting with a hi speed. lIKE 20.000 o 60.000 nonces of minut
    But with GPU you can ploting direcly or in buffer mod
    We must created optimeseted file, so we must use direcly mod
    But is too slow whis proces
    So I serch a solution for this problem