What could my issue be? bad drive?

  • well having issues with a new drive I purchased off ebay. it's making some funny sounds like a low humming at times and a rhymic ticking. I started up when to disk manage and it showed up so I formated it. I then ran gpu plotter and it would work until around 3% maybe this is the point when it starts to try and write to this disk? it then just closes its selfe and the hard drive can no longer be seen, I have to restart the computer to get it to pop up again, done this 3 times now with the same results. how someone can sell a bad product to someone and sleep at night is beyond my understanding. or is it something in the settings? any help would be awesome thanks! it is a Seagate SkyHawk 4TB Internal 3.5" (ST4000VX007) I am running windows 7. awhhh.... unbelievable.

  • Try running software like crystal disk etc...and it will give you info on the drives health and amount of hours it's been run.

  • @Snoops running the seagate diagnostic at the moment, this drive is messed up i know it. the idiot who sold me it must of known. i can tell by the sounds it's making it's not functioning correctly. man im beside myself right now I waited a week for this and spent $130 cdn.

  • If it turns out to be faulty, which it sounds like, then surely you're protected under ebay, so contact them and start a dispute.

  • @Snoops the seagate diagnostic came back ok, but when I ran crystal disc it shows caution, im not sure what any of the info means but it says id 05 reallocated sectors count 77 does that mean anything to anyone? could this be why I can't plot? says power on 9 times and total hours 49

  • Why not run chkdsk from the DOS command line? I think it used to identify bad sectors on a disk and set them aside so they could not be used.

  • also is there anyway to fix it?

  • Fixing a bad drive? It would probably be cheaper to buy a new one.

    Are you in the US?

  • reallocated sectors are usually a sign of a bad drive and it could fail at any time, sometimes they can last for a long time, sometimes not. for the price you paid i would be contacting the seller and/or eBay to get it resolved.

  • @vmantilla sorry there were 8788 bad sectors and ill give it a try, ive never done this stuff before, running checkdisc now and fixing sectors.

  • man it's running but after 10 minutes it's checked 800k free clusters and it looks like the progress bar didn't even budge yet, 14tb drive this might take all day.

  • I'm with Snoops. Maybe good to contact eBay and see if you can get your money back if the chkdsk comes back with tons of bad sectors.

  • @vmantilla no canada. im running chkdis but it seem's really slow, after 15-20 minutes might be 2% is this because its a 4tb?

  • chkdsk used to take a while on a good hard drive. Maybe it is taking longer because it is finding many bad sectors? I'd just let it run for a while. BURST will still be here tomorrow.

    I know... I'm like you: can't hold my horses to get going.

    The reason I was asking if you were in the States is maybe you can touch base with Dell, BestBuy, or someplace like that and see if they have any refurbished or restocked drives with a 90 day or more warranty at a lower than retail price.

  • @vmantilla Oh I see, ya it's about 40% done at the moment, if it works after this i might just keep it and not bother refunding even thou I should, but if it doesn't work after this I will have to refund it. the ebay seller already said he will resolve the issue.

  • @vmantilla after 8 hours of check disk, it say's no errors were found.... what in gods name lol. I just tried gpu plotting and when I starts to right to disc, it freezes and I keep hearing the rhymic light sound coming from the disk.

  • If I were you, I'd consider returning the drive. But, that is just me.

    Good luck!

  • @vmantilla yeah this is what I had to do, but I believe the seller from ebay scammed me. thankfully the drive was still under warrenty after a phone call to seagate my hard drive is now off to be replace. as for the ebay seller, he doesn't want the drive back but is refunding me..... does that make sense to you? I spent $125 and he doesn't want the drive back but is refunding me 100%... I received an echeque from him in my paypal that can take 15 buisness day's to go throught, my guess is he will cancel it right before it goes through. I googled it and there is some stuff on echeque scams with ebay. in the end I don't care as long as seagate sends me another drive.

  • Not a clue why he'd refund the money without wanting the drive back. Maybe he knows it worked intermittently at best and maybe has a conscience and is not really a scammer. Who knows?

    I'm happy for you Seagate will honor the warranty.

    When you get your drive, I hope you forge a bunch of blocks!


  • @vmantilla thanks! that drive will more then double my current capacity, I shall wait patiently... take care!