Gpuplotgenerator plotting more than I told it to

  • It seams like gpuplotgenerator is plotting way more than i told it to.

    I told it to write a single 1tb plot file, yet when i look at the drive itself its already over 1.5tb full. The drive was freshly formatted before.

    This is a seagate 5tb smr drive, I understand that it takes forever to plot these drives.

    First plot on a different 1tb WD blue drive with:

    gpuPlotGenerator generate direct E:/burst/plots/17754725555040858162_0_3788800_8192

    The seagate 5 tb drive :

    gpuPlotGenerator generate direct F:/burst/plots/17754725555040858162_3792897_7888897_8192

    Is this not the correct way to plot drives? Or am i just not understanding something?


    I just noticed that the generator says nonces 3792897 to 11689984


    Anyone able to explain why it is trying to plot so much?


    I found my mistake F:/burst/plots/17754725555040858162_3792897_7888897_8192

    I was adding to the number of nonces it should have been:


  • 4,096,000 is 1000GB/1TB so in theory if you have double checked then it should be correct for the 3792897_7888897 to plot 1 TB of the drive but Your path states 3792897_7897088, maybe you made a typo ?


    Ahh, yes i see, it has added the 8192 memory allocation to the 7888897 nonce size. does the command need a letter for memory allocation such as a M ? or maybe no underscore, it's something simple but i can't say 100% as i have never used GPU plotter before. but that's where your problem lies...

  • admin

    @Davejoy84 The third number is the number of nonces to plot, not the ending nonce number. So you corretly plotted 1 TB but in the second you told it 2TB