A few short plotting questions

  • Hello Bursters-

    I've got a few short questions, can you help?

    1. A friend suggested I plot 90% of my 8TB drive. Is there a reason to not plot the whole thing?
    2. I plotted roughly 90% of it, now I'm plotting the remaining portion. Does it cause any problems to mine and plot at the same time?
    3. I accidentally cancelled the first time I was attempted to plot the remaining portion. I deleted the plot file in the folder Burst->plots and started over. Is there anything wrong with doing it this way?

  • The more plots the better, i, like many others totally fill the drives. There's nothing wrong with deleting and plotting again as long as you have the correct info, all is good. Next time try xplotter as you can resume a plot you already started without having to delete and restart again. The latest AIO wallet has it built in already.

  • @Snoops Thanks! What are you referring to for 'the correct info?' I am using the AIO wallet so I should be okay? It does seem to be moving very slowly though on the re-plot.

  • @Agabus274 The correct info regarding you user number/wallet ID, Example: 1234567890987654321 and your nonce size to get the most plotted space from your drive 🙂

  • @Snoops OK. I am unfamiliar with doing that, I was only shown how to plot the drive through the AIO wallet. Is there somewhere you can point me for info?

  • If you've already set your wallet up and then plotted it through the wallet then it should be fine and automatically puts you details in and the amount of space to plot so it's all good 🙂

  • @Snoops Great, thanks for the help Snoops!

  • No problem, glad i could help 🙂