• I am posting this for a 30 day or more comment period for my proposed asset that I am working on.

    I am not soliciting investments, but rather looking constructive criticism, input, ideas or always the good old this will never work.

    I am still building out all the websites and should have all done by the end of July.

    More than happy to take your emails, texts, or phone calls. All you need to do is do the old domain whois thingy to find my contact information.

    The Sex Toy Blog asset is created by Sean Kearney. The mission is to build a collection of profitable website properties with discusions and content on Sex and Sexuality, 15% bottom line profit margins, and NO EMPLOYEES.

    The long term goal of this asset is to generate wealth for its shareholders and to bring greater awareness about the burst community and technology, and help increase the value of Burst Coin.

    The goal of and it’s web properties is to be a disruptive force in the adult industry, become the market leaders for sex and sexuality information and to be acquired. Yes, we are building a portfolio of websites to be flipped.

    If acquired the proceeds from the sale will be used to do the following:

    Cash out to all holders of the assets and possibly start the whole process over again with a new web property. If no promising web property is found then the asset will remain a simple mining asset that will pay out monthly dividends to all holders until the mining operation becomes unprofitable. Hopefully this will not happen, but we need to be realistic.

    So Why invest in Sex Toy Blog Asset?

    Casino and Gambling assets are pretty popular on the Asset Exchange so a Sex and Sexuality Asset should really not be frowned upon. Think of this Asset as the strip joints of Las Vegas.

    Chances are, you’re reading this post because you want to make money.

    Or hell, maybe you’re just bored with having all those lonely crypto currencies sitting in your wallet earning you nothing.

    I strongly believe in the Burst Asset ecosystem, which is why I’ve developed a battle-tested method for the Asset.

    And if you’re thinking I’m drinking the Burst Coin Kool-Aid, or think that the Adult Asset is all but obsolete, here are a few things you should know:

    Pornography and the adult industry has been the catalyst that has launched technology forward.

    In 1896, one of the earliest films called Le Coucher de la Mariée showed a woman performing a striptease. Porn standardized the 8mm film, launched the VHS/VCR, and invented online payments. There’s even evidence that erotica helped popularize early printing presses.

    Porn drove the demand for bandwidth since it dominated the flow of images and video on the Internet. Bandwidth growth might be porn’s greatest contribution to the Internet since it allowed more material to move around the world at a much quicker rate. Think of the military as the inventor and creator of a product and porn as the entrepreneur who brings the product to the masses.

    Even technologies like Snapchat, a mobile app that allows you to send an image that self-destructs after a few seconds, are partially adopted and driven by a desire to send sexy pictures to one another. started selling Sex toys back in 2003, and like much of the porn biz in general, adult products have gone mainstream. They have been normalized. Something I like to call kink and a wink.

    I believe that the Adult World will be one of the driving forces to drive more main stream acceptance for cryptocurrency for ecommerce. Just like porn was the driving force behind VHS and Ecommerce. The use of cryptocurrency will allows consumers of adult entertainment to perform transactions without using any personally identifiable information. Sellers of adult products will also benefit with zero chargebacks, credit card fraud and freedom from dealing with traditional financial institutions.

    As you’ll find throughout this manifesto, there are seemingly infinite opportunities to profit through Burst Coins. But here’s the catch: with massive amounts of poorly put together assets and scams (with no shortage of shady characters), trust is always going to be an issue on this platform. People are wary of the Asset Exchange, and I am certainly not naïve to that fact; but I also believe the culture can be changed, and that’s the driving force behind this asset.

    Higher-quality assets, better products & services, more informed buyers, and re-investment back into assets.

    This will undoubtedly lead to more consumers coming to the Burst Coin Asset Exchange ecosystem as a trusted destination for investing in Assets.

    Even with the rise of cryptocurrencies, along with steady competition from Bitshares and NXT. Burst Coin is still going strong and there are a plethora of ways in which you can make a lot of money, help others in your community make money, and contribute to a better economy for all.

    Of course, the other reason I’m putting this asset together is to make money for myself. Yes, that might seem a little greedy or selfish at face value, but just know that the opportunity goes both ways. If you and everyone else who buys this assets is unable to make money, then I don’t succeed, simple as that. And I’m confident that if I stick to the methods and strategies that I’ve laid out in this offering, you’ll make a substantial profit off of your investment.

    How This Business Will Work

    After ten years of trial and error selling Sex Toys (I am an approved vendor for selling Sex Toys on both websites) on the Amazon/Ebay marketplace, I finally decided to take a step back and create a wishlist of what my ideal business would look like without relying on the Amazon and eBay marketplaces for sales. At first, I thought about all of the things I didn’t want my business to look like, and by being brutally honest with myself, I have decided to create something even more valuable - five clearly defined rules for success:

    1. No Employees: I discovered I'm a terrible boss. But, I am more than happy to outsource services for shares of the asset. We will not hire employees. We will focus on rewarding assets for work results. This way we will get the best profitable effort from the partnership. Because the holder of the rewarded assets worth is directly tied to the assets dividend and profits.
    2. No Selling or Listing Fees: Amazon and eBay/Paypal were taking 15% or more.
    3. No Time Wasted: Only pay hefty fees for products that made big profits.
    4. More ‘No’s: No advertising, no major investments, no fancy technology.

    Allow me to expand on that last point - no technology.

    We will use Google blogger for all blogging which is free. Our portfolio of niche sex toy and porn domain names are all tied into pay for perfomance websites that handle all the webhosting so we pay nothing for webhosting or bandwidth.

    What at about Facebook and Twitter? Social networks are somebody else’s platform. Building our existence on someone else’s platform is great for a short term bump to promote the asset offering and to communicate with asset owers. But, at any time without warrning a social network could shut down our account because of some change in the terms of service.

    Our domains allow us total control over what content we offer and what products we sell without the risk of being shut down.

    Don’t get me wrong, Facebook and Twitter have their place. I am not going to pay cash for those services, but I will reward shares to those like minded individuals who experts in those fields.








    SEXTOYBLOG.COM BOUNTY CAMPAIGN 500,000 – 1,000,000

    I have reserved 500,000-1,000,000 shares to be rewarded for working on building the ecosystem.

    Email [email protected] (NOT SET UP YET SO EMAIL SEANMICHAELKEARNEY AT GMAIL) to participate in the bounty campaign and help build the ecosystem with your user generated content.

    Please include the following information.

    Burst ID, Social Networking Accounts.

    Don’t have Burst Account? Click below and get started.


    This will be a bounty program for the first three months of the issuing and all shares will be issued on the fourth month.

    Subscribe to Twitter account of @sextoyblog 5 shares

    Retweets for all tweets before during the first three month of the asset sale

    5 shares / retweet

    Like our tweets: 10 shares/ tweet like


    This will be a bounty program for the first three months of the issuing and all shares will be issued on the fourth month.

    Like our Facebook page: 5 shares

    Leave comments on the Facebook page: 5 shares / comment

    Share posts from our Facebook page: 5 / share

    Like our posts: 5 shares / like of a post LAUNCHING 6/30/17

    This will be an additional 1,000,000 shares that will be rewarded for unique blog posts, landing pages content, product review, category (womens sextoys, male sextoys, gay sextoys, lesbian sextoys) managers, and for curation for twitter/facebook will be rewarded upon monthly for posting on the website and website properties.

    There will be some specific hoops that will need to be meet to be rewarded. For example vetting that content submitted is original and not simply stolen from other websites.

    Every week I will put out a want list of what user generated content is needed, and will welcome multiple pieces on the same subject.

    All blog post must be 2500 words, use long tail keywords and the content must be worded as if your talking to the user.

    Large Landing pages should be 2500 words – 100 shares

    Short Landing pages should be 1000 words – 25 shares

    Product Reviews should be 100 words – 5 shares

    Creation of content for Static Pages for the direct navigation domain portfolio 2500 words – 100 shares

    Purchases from will be rewarded 1 share for every $10 spent.

    Use of Proceeds
    This is going to be a lean and mean boot strapped operation. We got no employees and will simply use proceeds to buy undeveloped, neglected, and under developed domain names.

    Building a website is easy and inexpensive today. The hardest part is to have a clear vison on how to dial that website in to make money.

    Sources of Revenue
    Adult Toys Sales from, Direct Navigation Domain Portfolio, and Pay Per Minute Movies.

    Studies show that priority is given to domain name in search results. It should also be noted that a hyphenated .com or a .net/.org/.info/.us and on the rare occasion a .mobi will sneak there way ahead of .com if it is not a fully developed website. It’s not a perfect system, but I do have gotten sales from all the above different domain extensions.

    A 2005 study of Internet traffic by WebSideStory's StatMarket division revealed that direct navigation ttraffic such as browser type-in traffic, bookmarks of existing sites, and visits to existing, known website domain names converts into sales for advertisers at 4.23% of total visits compared to 2.3% for product and service related searches performed via the search box at search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

    Sean Kearney is currently in the process of turning the following niche domain names into ecommerce and VOD aka Video On Demand websites. The website will become an anchor to which the other sites would be tied. Luring customers from direct navigation and search engines alike.

    We will also turn some of the desired domains into QVC styled “One Deal at a Time” model single item ecommerce websites. We will use to handle all payment processing for these orders and also link to our website should the customer prefer to pay with credit card instead of cryptocurrency.

    Google website search tools project that the following words in the website will generate between 100K-1M searches each month. The adult toys names in bold below grossed $139,490.11 during 4 years and the VOD Video On Demand Websites brought in $18,836.00 in pure profit during a 4 year period. This was down with not a lot of work and I believe that if these domains will be become internet cash machines with a little more TLC.

    We are allowed to sell sextoys on Amazon and eBay which requires jumping thru many hoops. We currently not selling on either platform, but we have an aggrement with GLDFF Golden Leaf Holdings (a publicly traded Cannabis Oil company) to use our Amazon account to sell hemp related sex products in return for 10% net of each sale.

    Domains can be viewed at the following link:

    Genesis Mining Bitcoin
    Purchase a open ended 15,000 GH/s Bitcoin mining contract Genenis Mining. The cost the mining contract is $1950. calculations on 6/16/15 state that it will take the following for a 15,000 GH/s: Days to break even: 145.39 Days. The mining would yield $402.36 a month and $4895.38 annually.

    I know a little people are down on Cloud Mining, but I find I have found it do be profitable for me.

    Burst Assets
    We will be receiving dividends from a portion of the profits we reinvest back into Burst Coin ecosystem.

    Wordpress Hosting $89.88 a year
    Video on Demand Hosting $0.00
    Adult Toy Website Hosting $0.00 Hosting $ Hosting $0.00
    Google Analytics, Facebook, and Twitter Feeds Free

    New Domains and Domain Renewals
    I project that we will add on about 10 to 100 new domains each month. Each domain costs $9.99 to purchase, but we can click on our affiliate link and get 30% kickback for each domain we purchase. So true cost is only $7.00

    Dividends Payouts
    I take 10% for managing the assets and the websites.
    50% of the profits will be paid out weekly in Burst Coins.

    The remaining 40% will be reinvested in the following depending upon the opportunity:
    Purchase more mining power with Genesis Mining for Bitcoin.
    Invest in promising Burst Asseets like and other Cryptocurrencies.
    Share buyback if we should feel that our Asset is undervalued.
    Purchasing Domain Names the cheap. Examples of domain names purchased on the cheap for only $9.99 are and

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    I will not be buying assets because of these reasons.0_1498691584827_malware.PNG

    I'm sure there is more I can point out, but I have to go to work right now...

    I'm always looking for new opportunities to invest so I am interested in this type of market. Sex sales and the toys that make sex enjoyable are a hot trend.

    But this looks scammy and I will not be investing into this. Sorry 😞

  • @socalguy I dont think you read the whole proposal. Anyway, this initial post is for constructive criticisms. Not quite sure what this malware thing is all about. I do thank you for your time.

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  • I wholeheartedly support this endeavor. You can't go wrong with sex toys 🙂

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  • This is a great idea, actually it is long overdue.
    You are right if the porn industry adopts crypto, than the main stream will follow,
    Please keep us posted on all the new up-dates. I would love to have some of those assets. Can't wait to hear more about it.