My Crypto Life| "SteemiT Mobile Setup, SIA Coin New Miner."| Vlog #103

  • Hello My Burst Family,

    Here is another one, "SteemiT Mobile Setup, SIA Coin New Miner."

    This will be perfect if You Have eSteem on the go to follow everything on!

    Obelisk presale is now live!

    As you may have heard, we just launched a presale for Obelisk ASIC miners for Siacoin. The presale is live for 7 days.

    You can preorder an Obelisk miner at

    Here are some other great resources to learn more about Obelisk:
    • Sia Blog: Choosing ASICs for Sia
    • Reddit: Obelisk Sia ASICs - Full Details

    Frances Reyes