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  • Hi everyone,

    currently I am plotting my 8 TB device. But I am afraid if my pc or the plotter will fail. So I read that it is possible to restart the xplotter and that I have to adjust the RunAsAdmin .bat file. But under my plots I only see one file which is. Shouldn't I see at least to files to know at which nonces it stopped? Or will it only be displayed when the xplotter is crashing? Just want to be prepared when this case comes true.

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  • To resume from where it stopped, you would need to look at the plot file on the hard drive that you are plotting and make sure that the starting nonce and number of nonces are the same in your batch file. I will post an example and highlight the 2 that need to match the ones on your plot:

    XPlotter_avx.exe -id 11234567890123456789 -sn 200000000 -n 19075840 -t 6 -path G:Burst\plots -mem 12G

  • Hi,
    thanks for your answer. I know that I have to look on the plot folder. But I just see this file

    If the plotter fails what is -sn and -n parameter?

  • @ciscler , sn is 500000001, n is 8387464

  • Okay. But these are the initial values when I started with the plotting. I thought this would change. But okay.

  • @ciscler , they (-n) only change when you start with -n 0. That says plot the whole drive. the program figures out how big -n is and that's whhat you'll see in your file name. If you stop and start again with -n 0 the program will say the drive is filled because it is from the previous run, but all the nonces are not in that previous file. So you change the -n 0 to -n (whatever is in the file name) to continue. So if you never plot to fill the drive, you just restart with the previous parameters.

  • thanks a lot