Wallet is driving you crazy? Me too:)

  • Hey guys
    I have been mining all day everything was fine, Received one award (Around 3 PM Pacific) of 74 and some change of burst, then switched over to local wallet, (I run portable on a 128 Gig usb stick) and my burst amount went from 92 Total to O. and it started downloading the BC. I then went and downloaded the DB file, exited AOI portable client, Updated on my Stik and also in my APPS/Roaming folder. Restarted and now it does not recognize me. I switched back and forth installing and uninstalling 1.2.3 and 1.2.4 (Just now @ 3 am) From mining all day still only seeing the 92 and some change total from the online wallet doesn't seem right from 20 Plus hours of mining and only award was around 3 pm. Appreciate your guys hard work, this wallet is I imagine is driving you nuts.:) Thanks

    Kind Regards,


  • admin

    It looks alright. You're wallet is up to date: "Recent Blocks" -> Date and Time is your local time.

    You can check here: http://burstcoin.biz/address/12468162015994596526 too.

    So you are expecting a payout from the pool - but the pool pays out only once a day. Your last payout was 15:55 ( 3:55 pm) and you have now 3:03 AM - so you have waited 12 hours. You have to wait 12 hours more for the next payout.

    Off Topic: In general all of you have to understand that your balance is not saved on your computer, it is saved on the blockchain, which is distributed over 1600 nodes. The only thing that matters is your passphrase.

  • Ahh Ok IC
    Thanks DaWallet:) I did not know the once a day payout thing, and I was thinking it was at the end of each round (Excuse my ignorance, very new) Learn something new everyday. Thanks again for all you do, you are a very important facet (The Wallet) of this operation and I for one appreciate all you have taken the time to show/explain to me. Have a good day bro.
    Kind Regards, Lost Boy