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  • hey all,

    im starting this page to get ppls opinions and information on assets. Im currently reading as many post as i can in regaurds to assets and there value. I think the asset part of burst may be the gold in the river 🙂 it really is such a great idea.

    please feel free to post your ideas and methods for buying and profiting off of assets.
    post anything that the average noob should know before buying assets.
    post your success storys with assets and how well you did.
    post warnings about what not to do.

    being a noob and also being someone who isnt the best with computer tech when i try and do something involving crypto i head right to google. it takes one good thread and i usually get the idea and can then do what im trying to do with some success. im hoping to get a good amount of insight on assets and the best practices for buying, holding and selling them for a profit. In my opinion if there are ways to make money stedily through any feature of a coin you are involved with then it would be a waste to not learn and attempt to make that extra profit.

    thanks everyone in advance for any info you contribute 🙂

    • Confidence in that asset issuer
    • Understand the asset and what it is doing
    • Buy low, Sell High
    • Know when dividend payments are
    • Understand how a Burst Price Increase Affects Asset Price

  • @explosive ok. Personally I avoid any asset that has directly or indirectly to do with gambling. This is just my personal view of Cours, but helped me to avoid some of the most obvious scams some People have suffered on the AE. I also avoid anything where the Asset issuer is not able to explain in short clear words what his Asset is all about and giving just Marketing bull when asked. Examples from my view is adsaclty as an older on, Kohinoor as a pretty recently released.

    Then, I like my assets to have been backed up with some "real" value, be it HDs (mining accounts) as the HDs always can be sold if really everything goes tits up, Silver, whatever.

    Then, permanent, clear, honest (well, hard to judge I know) and friendly communication from the Asset owner towards his investors is a MUST. This for example I avoid the cc asset and dont care if I miss 0.0x ROI compared to buying into something else maybe whatever, but to me that Kind of behav. is an absolute personal nogo. Others may differ on this Point of course.

    Also the latest Asset Releases seems to have 2 new Standards set, first ist escrowing 50% of Investors Money plus getting verified. Both done by haitch who generally is seen as one of the most if not THE most trusted Person on here.

    Nice one would be a spreadsheet where the Overall/weekly ROI over all available Assets is view- and comparable, but that would mean heck of a work and not sure if it can be done at all.

  • I try to stick with Assets held by owner's I know and trust. Asset owners I see are active in the community. Before the Burst price jumped over 500 I was investing into everything and anything I could. A lot of those Assets failed unfortunately and I lost out on a big payday. I've learned from those lessons and now, as mentioned before I focus on Assets with Active and trustworthy issuers. All of my Assets currently payout weekly usually on Sunday. Before buying I like to skim through the thread of the asset to try and identify any recurring issues as well as how regular the payouts are (usually issuers will update their forums announcing a payment) From those announcements I can usually see how much is paid out per share. If my gut says buy and I like what the thread displays I'll buy. Right now I'm to the point where my dividends are just buying more assets. 🙂

  • awesome info guys! this is all great stuff that will really help ppl who are new and really want to be involved. I will respond and ask questions in a bit but please keep the info coming!!

  • You always have to know in what you are investing in^^ Who are the ppl you give money to and do you think that there is money to be made with their idea.
    Then you should calculate risk factor. What can happen that will make you loose/earn money and take into consideration how long you will have to keep it for it to return your investment (or to sell shares with profit). It's not easy to find perfect assets as usualy higher risk=higher reward.
    I can't recommend enough investing only in ppl that are verified as they have sth to loose if they scam you. If smb isn't verified you are basicly throwing your money away.
    Before investing you should also try to predict burst movement cause if burst skyrockets then your shares might be worth close to nothing. On the other hand if burst drops then most likely your shares price will rise.
    Lastly, talk to issuers^^ They are usualy cool guys that want to help community and if you have trouble with sth in their asset they will surely explain/change it for you^^
    Assets are great and it's extremly easy to invest in Burst^^ They help Burst grow and add huge value and volume to exchanges^^ As more ppl invest, we will all benefit from it and create nice liquidity thanks to witch we might create perfect way for money to grow by itself^^

  • @Marc
    Great info and response thank you 🙂
    I agree with you on casino based assets. Gambling is a shady practice as it is so getting involved with a investment that involves gambling to me would be a big risk.

    So from what i got out of your response the most important thing when buying a asset is clear definitive guidelines on how the asset will work and pay out as well as solid and professional communication from the asset issuer.

    Basically do your research not only on the asset but also on the person offering the asset.

    Thanks again for your input 🙂

  • @Yottaphat
    Thank you for the input 🙂

    Realistically buying from long term members with a investment in the community seems like the safest bet because if a long term member screws ppl they lose there rep and community backing.

    My goal is to get to a point where my assets can buy more assets and the hole thing grows until my kids turn 18 and buy then they can have money to start there adult lives with.

    Good read thank you 🙂

  • @Hyzi0

    First off nice info thank you 🙂

    Second something you said really caught my attention.
    So why if burst gos up would the asset be worth less? Isnt our goal as investors in burst to get the price as high as possible so our burst investment is worth more? Also if the price of burst rises why would a asset in burst be worth less?

    Sorry for the noob questions but thats why i started the thread 🙂

  • @kmaxkmax

    Great info! 🙂

  • Ok so the basic idea is clear at this point. Buy asset receive percent of whatever investment asset is involved in. Keep get paid a small percent dividend or sell for a profit.

    So now lets get more complex.. so some of these questions i have read on already but for the sake of this being a knowledgeable thread lets get the info out there.

    1. So in what manner do dividends work? Obviously it is a percent of profit but how is that percent figured out and where does that burst come from on a regular basis to be paid out?

    2. What is the basic structure of the average asset and how does it work?

    3. What is the best way to make the most off of assets taking a long term investment?

    4. Do successful assets ideally go forever or do they usually end after so much time and why?

    Ok that should start us out i will think of some more questions for everyone soon.

  • admin


    1. Dividends are paid out from the assets earnings that they explained how're they going to earn in the announcements - eg, mining, trading, something else - that goes back to the asset and is paid out in the announced ratios.

    2. X number of shares for Y number of Burst, released at some rate. People buy, asset pays out.

    3. Very good question - I'll leave that to the pros

    4. Ideally forever, but for many that's unlikely.

  • @haitch

    By the time im done with this thread it will be a goto for all info asset 🙂

    Great info thank you haitch!

  • admin

    @explosive and one more thing I'll add, copied from another post I did: I do not give investment advice, I'm not qualified to advise others, just make my own decisions for myself - just do your own research, look at the underlying concept, potential longevity, risk, potential and worst case rewards.

  • @haitch


    I am a noob trying to learn who also loves the community and burst. Please read and research!! Just because i ask questions on this thread does not mean that i have not researched or that i dont already know some of the stuff i am asking.

    I understand that sometimes finding what you need on the Internet is not the easiest but research is very important to success!

    Thank you to haitch for stating this and making me think about it. Nothing is a replacement for good old hard work and research!

  • Anyone who is comfortable with sharing there asset investment plan for ppl to look at and learn from please do.

    Ill start. So as of yesterday i knew absolutely nothing about assets. This is my starting gameplan ive come up with from a little research and a lot of questions. Please forgive me if i make some mistakes in this post. Im at the hospital with my daughter and dont have my laptop so cant look to make sure info is exact.

    My first asset purchased (talon power asset)
    Reason for this being my first asset investment

    1. 100% garented
    2. Good set up for growth of asset for future value
    3. Issued by the pool owner i plan to mine on for the long hall.
    4. Haitct verified
    5. Issuer is a active and respected member of the community
    6. The assets structure is great with the potential to grow and roi to be payed quickly.

    Mistakes i made being my first asset.

    1. Bought before researching (was in a rush)
    2. Due to #1 payed more then i could have bought in on. Im not worried about this because it is a solid asset and only bought 100 shares.

    Goal with asset

    1. Purchase as many shares as i can well asset is still young and price is relatively low.
    2. Hold and get my roi from dividends then shares become 100% profit if i ever decide to sell.
    3. Watch growth of asset and decide based on growth on if i should keep after roi is achieved (i dont plan on selling)

    My next step in asset investing is to pick 1 to 5 more assets owned by long standing community members with haitch verification the have a structure with either real equipment or a payback plan incase asset fails. Also i am looking for steady growth with longevity potential. Roi needs to be reasonable and structure needs to be sound with a active asset thread and issuer.

    My plan is to invest what i have currently saved from minning and then 25% of future mining into the chosen assets and to hold them long term and recover roi from payouts.

    mind you this is my plan after only one day of research and this may change. This is why research is important.

    Hopefully some of the pros will chime in tomorrow with a better guideline for ppl to look at. I just wanted to stress that making a plan through research is important.

    Ok im going to try and sleep for a few hrs lol. Have a great night all.

  • @explosive said in basic asset info page:

    Second something you said really caught my attention.
    So why if burst gos up would the asset be worth less? Isnt our goal as investors in burst to get the price as high as possible so our burst investment is worth more? Also if the price of burst rises why would a asset in burst be worth less?

    Cause in most cases earnings from assets are based on income from other currencies and not Burst. Due to burst rise, hardware and dividends are worth less in Burst. Even in assets mining burst hardware is worth less but in this case dividends would stay the same.
    To give some examples CCM when released was selling 10Burst/share which gave you price ~25 usd/tb. Now ppl are upset that their share are worth ~2burst after burst price rose 10 times. They invested their money in hardware and even now can get crazy good deal for it and receive stable good dividends everyday/everyweek. Still ppl are upset cause they look at it like payed 10B for sth worth 2B and don't understand what they bought^^ In GPU mining/BTC lending it's even greater as your dividends will reflect Burst's price as well^^
    In addition when ppl see rise in price they want to cash out everything asap thus creating stupid prices.
    My advice would be to treat it as long term investments and hold/invest more when prices fluctuate^^

  • @explosive Ah and about Talon Power asset^^ As crazy as it is (100% guaranteed) buying assets like Socalsfarm you have 250% guarateed 😛 Still ppl prefer to not to invest 😛

  • I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who commented on this page.
    So much beautiful information and it is so nice to have a nice discussion about assets.
    Thank you @explosive for making this thread, It is wonderful. I am also fairly new and I am not a techie person, I loved all the info.
    Thank you all!

  • @Estie-Trixie

    No problem 🙂

    I think we all have at least one common goal hear in that we all want to see burst grow. Some for one reason some for another.. I dont have the best computer tech skills but i am a great networker and i like to talk lol. If everyone plays there part burst is a great coin and i believe we will have the growth we all want. Ide like to see more threads where ppl can either just read or chat about burst or anything really 🙂 one of the things ive learned is to draw ppl in there needs to be a very diverse subject matter that is informative and fun 🙂

    Thank you for your support make sure to follow me for more great threads 🙂