Help with running drives on multiple machines

  • I finally fixed my stagger size problem
    at the moment i only have 4 usb ports and 8 drives
    so im running 4 on drives each on 2 computers
    but im getting errors on the pool end
    what is the correct way of running multiple drives over a few machines

  • @burstminergrow It depends on your setup... For a desktop you could add more USB 3.0 ports by adding a PCI-E USB 3.0 controller.

  • Thank you for your reply
    I have a large mining farm at the moment consisting of GPU's
    which is being upgraded by end of this month
    To that i wanted to add 1 PB of drives as part of my set up
    using 4 tb drives this is 250 drives or 8tb 125 drives
    having researched a few things
    its going to be difficult running more then 20 drives on one machine
    so will have to use multiple machines
    burst is a very steep learning curve
    and before i make any further investment
    if i was say to run 5 machines how should it be set up

  • @burstminergrow If it was me...

    8TB x 125 (not SMR drives)
    2 x 16 Port SATA controllers per PC ( 32 Drives per PC)
    using 4 PCs x 32 = 128 Drives


    2 x 24 Port SATA controllers per PC ( 48 Drives per PC)
    using 3 PCs x 48 = 144 Drives

    Its usually cheaper to buy the USB 3.0 drives then extract the drive from them for use with a SATA/SAS controller. ( Warning will void your warranty)

    My advice would be to start small then grow as there is a learning curve to Burst. Also your newer GPU's will be best for plotting. The use the old GPU's to mine.

    Good luck with your build.