Ann: and Poll for new Payout shedule

  • Hello guys,

    Sorry for posting here but I know not all my Miners are on BN so I decided to post here too to give everyone the same chance to Vote who doesn't have or isn't on the other forum. (I hope thats ok with the Admins here, otherwise delete it or msg me) Many of you know I'm running a pool since a couple weeks now.

    Reward Assignment:BURST-SPAC-EWWF-CRX2-78Z6Z

    The Pool is an Ninja v3 Pool. With 1% Fees located at OVH France.
    Maximum Accepted Deadline is 30 Days.
    Minimum payout is 250 Burst or every (24 hours right now but the future depense on the Poll.)
    Known issues: The Pool has issues confirming all deadlines, but they get accepted and used to calculate the earnings for all the miner just not always reported back to the miners so its only cosmetic (for those people who aren't using the v1.7 Blago miner).

    I'll just copy my post here from the other Forum.

    Hello Guys,

    First of all I want to thank all the Miners in my Pool for all the support they're giving. Congratulation to all of you who had an great day in the Pool today.

    I was thinking about an Idea for quite some time now how to make it better for my Miners to get more out of it and get rewarded for Loyality.

    So, I've an Idea:
    Right now the Pool is Paying out every 250 Burst or every 24h.

    The Pool pays now 200+Burst in Fees for the daily payouts.
    So instead of doing daily payout we could make it every second day, every third day, or weekly depending on what you guys prefere.
    (The payouts would still go out as soon you reach 250 or whenever we reach the said timeframe.)
    New would be I'll take the Burst we save, and it will invested into Assets that we can buy at a Bargain price. Those Assets will be put into the Bonus Wallet and whenever the Assets pay out dividends it gets sent to the pool and distributed among the miners. This way Bonus payouts will be sent to the miners multiple times a week (depending on when those assets pay out) and the bonus payouts get bigger and bigger every week. What means the longer people mine in the Pool, the more they earn week per week. The second effect we get from this is since we buy daily / weekly the cheap shares from the market Asset Prices will go up again slowly what makes everyones Asset worth more and more again.

    Let me know what you guys think and what you would prefer. Please only vote if you're mining in my pool or plan to soon.



    Poll Ends on the 2th of July 12pm

    Thanks for your Votes and your comments. All Ideas and opinion are welcomeand wanted but I think this is a great longterm strategy to keep all the miners happy.