Tross's Pool

  • @Tross On your pool when i get a deadline i get a number of shares, For example i got 38 shares last deadline i got, Does this mean i get 38 burstcoins or does it mean something else? I was initially thinking that's how many burstcoin you get and it tells you you'r shares on each deadline you get but as i looked at other miners they had shares upward of 16,000 so i thought there is no way that's the amount of shares per deadline/block so i was thinking maybe its from all blocks and that's how much you've accumulated. But it makes more sense to just ask and clear it all up.

  • @Beast

    this will explain how it works. When a block is won share are converted to burst. A share changes value each round.

  • @tross So when you say a share changes value each round, Do you mean the conversion of 1 share to burst coin changes or do you mean how many shares you will get with the same deadline or something else? If the conversion of 1 share to burst coin changes how do i look at the price of a share each round? Sorry i'm not quite getting it i'm new to burst coin and any of these types of coins actually this is the first coin I've ever tried mining.

  • @tross is your pool down? Nothing on the site is loading and my miner isn't connecting to it.

  • I am being hit very hard not even my csf has a chance. Tomorrow they can try cloudflare or search for my address.

  • @Tross okay, Good luck with cloudflare its a shame people do this.

  • @tross Im looking at the all shares tab and my shares have gone down, Were back at 0 initially but not at 33 from like 60ish before it reset, And i have not received any payout that i see, Is this a bug or is it something im missing?

  • i need to transfer json still so it will change.