How to backup Burst wallet?

  • Hello,
    I just built out a new computer and need to move my Burst wallet from old computer to the new one. I don't see a "wallet.dat" file like there is with Bitcoin and many other wallets. How can I backup/transfer my wallet to my new computer and not lose any coins or settings?? (I'm also mining).

    Anyone know?


  • @seperatis I might be way off base here, but I thought they did a local web wallet? The 12 phrase thing is the same web wallet technology that other places use. AKA, it regenerates your wallet from your 12 word password, and as long as you have the full blockchain downloaded, any time you use that passphrase on any computer you're automatically restoring it.

    If that's wrong, someone correct me on that. But I think you can just reinstall the wallet, wait for it to sync, and then sign in - on any computer.