Best Pool for 1.8TB mining? + Question about mining program.

  • Hello! I'm very new to this.

    I just started mining yesterday on and haven't won anything yet.
    I'm mining with a 1.8TB hard drive with a single plot. I was wondering if there are others pools which might be better for my hardware.

    I also have another question: I'm using the burst miner that comes with the wallet, but I can see 3 different versions: miner-v1.170603.exe, miner-v1.170603_AVX.exe and miner-v1.170603_AVX2.exe. What exactly do the letters AVX at the end mean? I understood that it has something to do with the CPU that you use. I have an Intel Core i7, which program is the best / most efficient for me?

    Thank you very much.

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    @Mishapopkin Yes, you'll do better on a smaller pool - Try Tross, PinofD3ath, FalconCoin, .... Take a look in the Pool announcements threads and find one you're comfortable with.

  • @Mishapopkin I don't know what AVX stands for. But I do know it is very useful when it comes to Plot file Read speed:
    The highest standard a CPU supports is AVX2. AVX2 is the BEST choice for the high Read speeds. I used regular AVX before and I had only 80MB/s. When I started using AVX2, I jumped to 160~220MB/s which is great. I also defragged my hard drive just in case for more speed.

    To check which ones your CPU supports, run the regular miner without the AVX or anything at the end. Look for this:
    alt text

    If it says AVX2, that means your CPU supports AVX2 and recommend you use it. If it says AVX, your CPU only supports up to AVX and attempting to use AVX2 would not work.

    @haitch answered your question about the pools. I personally recommend because it's a small pool (you earn more if we forge a block since there are only a few dozen miners.) and it pays out every 2~4 days (not sure the exact amount of days it takes before payout) and the fee is only 1.0%. There are some good miners there. Although, the Deadline limit is a bit low. Highest Deadline I think you can have is 1month and 15 days. Not sure, might be a bit longer. You should check it out.

    Edit: Here is the link to the forum thread of -

  • Ah I see FurryFlutt. It says recommended AVX so I'm using that. It crashes with AVX2 (cause I'm using a different computer with intel core i5 now). Thanks! I'll also check out on their forum page and consider switching to them.

    Thank you haitch. I'll also look into the other smaller pools. I currently switched to because of their max deadline of 30 days, and I've gotten some good results, but I think I can do better with pools like falconburst.
    Thank you!