Unclear if mining operations are working

  • Hello, Folks. Newbie here. Excited to get started. For my initial run, I've plotted about 500gb of storage space.


    I am using the following config for my initial plot with this miner. I believe I've setup the /rewardassignment.html correctly via wallet for the Burst Team pool.


       "Mode" : "pool",
       "Server" : "pool.burst-team.us",
       "Port": 8124,
       "UpdaterAddr" : "pool.burst-team.us",
       "UpdaterPort": "8124",
       "InfoAddr" : "pool.burst-team.us",
       "InfoPort": "8124",
       "EnableProxy": false,
       "ProxyPort": 8126,
       "CacheSize" : 40000,
       "ShowMsg" : false,
       "ShowUpdates" : false,
       "Debug": true,
       "UseHDDWakeUp": true,
       "SendBestOnly": true,
       "TargetDeadline": 80000000,
       "UseFastRcv" : false, 
       "SendInterval": 100,
       "UpdateInterval": 950,
       "UseLog" : false, 
       "ShowWinner" : true, 
       "UseBoost" : false,
       "WinSizeX": 76,
       "WinSizeY": 34

    So far (a couple attempts over 24-48 hours), I am not seeing any sign of progress.

    10:28:35 Thread "D:\Burst\plots" @ 3.2 sec (43.9 MB/s) CPU 60.87%
    WINNER: Connect function failed with error: 10060
    10:30:35 New block 376722, baseTarget 233324, netDiff 78539 Tb
    10:30:39 Thread "D:\Burst\plots" @ 4.0 sec (34.9 MB/s) CPU 48.58%
    10:33:39 HDD, WAKE UP !
    10:35:31 New block 376723, baseTarget 243051, netDiff 75396 Tb
    10:35:35 Thread "D:\Burst\plots" @ 3.9 sec (35.5 MB/s) CPU 49.53%
    10:37:40 New block 376726, baseTarget 204352, netDiff 89674 Tb
    10:37:44 Thread "D:\Burst\plots" @ 4.0 sec (34.6 MB/s) CPU 47.95%
    10:38:44 New block 376727, baseTarget 200282, netDiff 91496 Tb
    10:38:48 Thread "D:\Burst\plots" @ 4.1 sec (34.2 MB/s) CPU 47.31%
    WINNER: Connect function failed with error: 10060

    I'm not seeing any Blocks or Account Balance in the online wallet. Any insight would be helpful. Is there an API on the pool where I can check my progress, if I'm setup correctly?

  • Hi!

    I do not use Blago's miner, but I noticed some of your port numbers are in quotes and others are not. Shouldn't they all be one way or the other?

    Also, the path inside the brackets in quotes looks a little fishy. Maybe check if quotes are needed.

    Maybe this will help. If not, somebody who knows the program will be along pretty soon. 🙂

  • Hi @vmantilla 🙂

    The config did not raise any syntax errors at runtime, and the network was showing healthy. That said, I don't know if network health is referring to the pool Server, Updater, or Info endpoints. I believe the syntax for the path is correct, properly escaped JSON.

    I'm not confident that the InfoAddr is correct. I used this config from scouring the forums.

  • I switched to using creepMiner and I am seeing some mined blocks on the local server that is provided with the miner. I am still not seeing any network evidence of progress:


  • Is there something potentially wrong with my pool configuration?

    Here is a screenshot of the local creepMiner UI:
    1_1498871196516_Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 9.03.29 PM.png

    And no blocks being reported on Block Explorer:
    0_1498871196516_Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 9.03.56 PM.png