Anyone else having issues. online and local wallet problem

  • I had to redownload all my wallets today (on all 3 pcs) and the online wallet hasn't worked for 3 days now. Online wallet site is giving error "504 Gateway Time-out".

    Once again I will say it, burstcoin is going nowhere if it doesn't stop crashing every few weeks.

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    If you think online wallets are an essential part of Burstcoin, then you are maybe at the wrong place.

    The Burst Wallet node is meant to run local... Not centralized on a few servers.

  • @daWallet then why 90% of pc cannot have running on their pc , is this your comment to solve the issue ?

  • @cashgold For comfort maybe ?? If for me outside online wallets should be prohibited.
    But of course it is easier to use a service that someone gives because it wants and even complain.
    To avoid problems, the solution is simple to install locally and save a backup of the DB every few days for what can happen, and so in case of problems it does not take so long to reload the DB.

    Some pools and wallets are being attacked but if you go here you can see that there is more than one online wallet example

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    @cashgold if 90% of the people could not have their local wallet running on their pc there would break all hell loose with 10k Downloads a week. Considered these high numbers I not unsatisfied with the number of complains.

    I sit between the chairs here: I don't host the online wallets and would rather have the client not rely on them as a failback but I see their use for newcomers.

    @PeterSkrzyniarz is in Burstcoin since 3 months and is running the client on online wallets on 3 machines. The online wallets are meant to be for new users to get started till their local wallet are synced. "Burstcoin is not crashing" every few weeks - the online wallets are.

    How about re-installing java 64 bit and let the win client do its job?

    The final solution that would make everybody happy is a thin client that doesn't have to sync all the chain to be fully functional and secure. As long nobody builds that... we will run into a mix of complains between: "Syncing takes to long" , "It doesn't sync at all", "Why is Burst taking 100% of my CPU" and "The online wallets are down - Burstcoin crashing".

  • @Energy I would highly recommend NOT using wallets that don't use SSL (https).

  • daWallet I don't care how it should work when neither one is working. I only have to use the online wallet since the local crashes every few weeks where i have to redownload everything. i do this every 1 to 2 weeks. if i don't redownload i get no updates. if i turn it off and back on it never loads up.
    I am hoping this coin keeps growing but its going nowhere with shitty service. What if i get up today and want to buy something or sell my coins but i can't since the online wallet is down and the local has crashed and i have to redownload for the next few hours (up to a whole day)
    As for updating java. Java is updated. why do i have to run the update again every time the wallet crashes.

  • @PeterSkrzyniarz The local wallet works fine for me, have you tried a different PC to eliminate the possibility of an issue with your PC?

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    @PeterSkrzyniarz For example it is important to close the Win Client before you Shut down your computer. If you don't do it, the DB can't close securely and your DB may get corrupt.

    I have the Win Client running weeks and months without a single crash and without redownloading the DB of course.

  • @PeterSkrzyniarz If your wallet is crashing then you have an underlying issue somewhere on that computer. That is not normal and you need to diagnose that. Does it crash when running or does it just not start up sometimes? If its the latter you might not be exiting it smoothly and its corrupting. Do you get any error messages? Not giving us a lot to help you troubleshoot.

    As for the web wallet you must realise they are run by volunteers and thus can be up and down. You are free to try mine which should work fine the link is below this post.

  • @iKnow0 i am running 3 PCs. Once i had an issue with one i tried the others and all have no update since the 28th. i turned off the software on the first pc and it never reloaded so i had to clean the BD. then i had to do it to the 2nd. waiting for the 2 to be done before i clean the 3rd one.

  • @PeterSkrzyniarz I haven't been here very long, but I understand your frustration. Along with many other cryptocurrencies, Burst just hasn't been developed with the average computer/smartphone user in mind yet. It still has a lot of growing to do to be able to be used by the average joe. Unfortunately, this is how it is right now...stick with it, and I'm sure you will reap the rewards.

  • @arihan I do not recommend any with http nor https, but the one who wants to risk there has an example.

    Https only makes it a little harder for someone from outside to cheat on you, but if the owner of the wallet does it does the same as the secure connection

  • the computers run for week or 2 never turned off until the crash start to happen so it should not be caused by turning it off wrong.

  • i just clicked on close on the 3rd pc and it just went to 504 gatewat time-out

  • @PeterSkrzyniarz Have you tried it with a clean PC or VM? Some security software sees it as a heuristic threat and quarantines the files hence causing it not to run, check your security logs.

  • then i get an error
    an error has occurred in the scrip on this page
    line 53
    object doesn't support property or method "converToNQT"
    code 0

  • If your clicking on close in the java client i'm not sure that will shut down properly. I always click in the window and do CTRL+C which means terminate. However it allows it to close itself and shut properly.

    It will timeout if you have closed the server for it? You need that java program running to access the local website.

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    @PeterSkrzyniarz Which version of the Win Client are you running? I thought I have fixed these script issues...

  • v0.3.9.3
    NRS version 1.2.8

    am i using the latest?