How to use Xplotter on a server with 2 processors

  • I am trying to create a plot on a Dell server with 2 processors.
    However when using XPlotter_avx.exe the application crash, OS was reinstalled.

    Fault bucket 120677828333, type 4
    Event Name: APPCRASH
    Response: Not available
    Cab Id: 0
    Problem signature:
    P1: XPlotter_avx.exe
    P3: 586b5078
    P4: XPlotter_avx.exe
    P6: 586b5078
    P7: c000001d
    P8: 0000000000001032

    Then I used the XPlotter_sse.exe worked but I realized its not using its full capacity



    This is extremely slow.
    I'm plotting on 2 other machines, Xenon (with Windows server) and I7 both with 10K once / min

    Anyone know if it's possible to use two processors to plot? Or for XPlotter_sse.exe slow is normal?

    Update1 I I have changed the sse.exe file to Umblock and administrative right. Instead of doing this using the .bat file now the speed has changed to 8k nonce / min, but still slow for 2 processors. CPU in Full capacity now.

    Update2Weird writing of the noces is slow, Writing coops is extremely fast 1% / sec.
    In other machines where the nonce is 10K the writing coops is 8% / sec. Maybe it's because it started now, we'll see tomorrow.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • in control panel you have power profiles try high performance

  • -t 4

    Means how many threads. You want to change that to your total number of cores.. Looking in the screenshot above it seems to be 8


    -t 8

  • @arihan I changed after the screenshot, for some reason although only 8k noces / min is faster than the others two of 10K. All are with hdd performance on, same HD and interface.
    Maybe -t 16, because they are two processors of 8 threads. If the software is not optimised for 2 cpus nothing will make it work

  • @Rodrigogmail -t 8 is correct. Them chips only have 4 cores each and no hyperthreading.
    ~8K actually seems about right. If you look here you will see that they get 6910 points for the pair.

    My i7 4790K @ 4.5 gets 12281 points and gets ~14,000 nuances / sec. So id say your roughly where you should be considering processing power.

  • @arihan I've been using this site for comparison
    What most intrigues me is that 8K is plotting faster than 10K
    I still have not figured out why, when I finish these 3 HDDs I will do more tests in 3 days

  • @Rodrigogmail Provably you are plotting faster but your performance issue is in the way your hdds are connected and maybe it takes too much time to write the plots... Do you see the xplotter yellow text become gray text between cycles?

  • @gpedro Everything seems normal to me.The Asusdesktop has just rebooted itself, I'm continuing where I stoped