How much did I pay?

  • I bought a mining rig for $3600. To make payment, I took some ETH that I bought last year that I paid $300. Last month I converted it into $3600 of Burst. I escrowed the Burst until the shipment arrived from the seller. A week went by and the shipment arrived. When I went to release the Burst from escrow, the Burst was worth $7,200. So How much did I pay for the rig?

    A) $300
    😎 $3,600
    C) $7,200
    D) none of the above?

  • @rds Thats an easy one in the end.

    I bought a mining rig for $ 3600.

    Thus, the correct answer is B:

    How much did you pay for the rig? $ 3600.

    Case solved.

  • A) $300 is the correct answer - granted that you spent all the ETH you bought last year

  • @k.coins said in How much did I pay?:

    A) $300 is the correct answer - granted that you spent all the ETH you bought last year

    Not all just a little 🙂

  • @rds lol ok well... the original money you spent last year to get the ETH, which you eventually exchanged for Burst, that's all you really spent - sounds like a good deal to me 😛

  • 4000 BC I spent some worktime I converted/used into buying some Kaori Mussels

    I worked 100 hours to buy 10 legit Mussel.

    . Later on, (well, waaay later on, talking about longterm..but doesnt matter) I converted all my Mussels I Held at this time into Dutch Tulpits. Those where the days.. 🙂

    Very soon after though I was able to Exchange all my Tulpits I Held for Deutsche Reichsmark. To make a Long Story short, at current time all my Reichsmark (where initially my Mussels have paid for) have been converted into $, but currently Im in the process to converting my Musseldollars into.. well, shitcoins.

    Now my Question is:

    For my Initial Investment of 100 work hours - how much do I get?

    A: 10 Mussels
    B: 100 Dutch Tulpits
    C: 1000 Deutsche Reichsmark
    😨 10.0000 $
    E: 100.000 shitcoins
    F: None of the above


  • @Marc 100.000 shitcoins 🙂