Looking for ideas on what people want to buy, or need to buy around here, ((or in normal society)). Please give me your ideas?

  • Hey guys, I'd like to know what you guys think, from personal experience if possible, something you buy on a regular basis ((preferably every month or more)), or if you sell stuff, what do you sell? how often do you sell it? do you have return customers? if you don't want to talk openly about it please pm me, the situation is getting pretty grim with everything going on in the present. ((probably goes without saying, but anything illegal is totally off the table, the risk vs reward just isn't there for me)) Thanks in advance, literally anything would be appreciated, anything I can learn about or use to my advantage is gold, as long as we're on the subject if you need something you can't find, or can't find at the right price let me know, and I'll find it for you if I can. ((currently selling knives and knife clones, if anyone is interested.))