I'm a little stuck.

  • Afternoon all,
    I think i might have made a small mistake, i setup my wallet and used a faucet to get 1 burstcoin which all worked fine, set my account name which is where i think i went wrong.

    Now i can't change the reward allocation due to lack of funds. Does anyone know a way around this? I have started my machine solo but i cant see my rig even once i have plotted the full 20TB i have atm getting far solo.

    On the small chance somebody is willing to send me a burst-coin to help out my ID is BURST-WMLP-PE4F-CV8F-B8R3Z but im not here to beg, just try to get it sorted and get going.

    Thanks for any advice or help you might be able to provide.

  • im having the same trouble too im new to all this so if i figure it out ill let you know.