New Asset Idea(plan)

  • i know there are lot of same asset but as the netdifficulty increasing rapidly im thinking to make a mining/lending asset.
    Im currently mining 80TB(72TB usable), im thinking about 1M shares but will be release in batch as we upgrade the mining rig.

    i will release 72,000 shares at first equal to the mining power.

    50% share = will be used for lending in poloniex, im thinking the account can be access by 2 people, me and still thinking of someone with good reputation here. Interest will be paid as dividend and the lending will just continue and will not touch it in case the asset will close will use it for buy back.

    the other 50% will be used for rig upgrading, i will post update, pictures regarding the process of upgrading.

    Dividend will come from mining + interest that will be earn in lending.
    1% of the dividend will go to dev donation, i know its small but maybe it can help. The Dev donation account will be given to haitch(havent discuss the full detail to him but i did send a message)
    10% will be for electricity bill and me.
    and the rest will be paid to the number of share holder Every Sunday of the week.

    Im still thinking about the asset release price and im still waiting to be verified before making the asset.
    In case of asset closing, the 50% will be given to the share holders and all the rigs will be sold and convert to burst to be given to all share holders.

    regarding the 1%(dev donation) i will get it from the released share
    eg. for the first release 1% of 72000 = 720, so 720 shares will be given to dev donation account.
    same goes for the 10% = 7200 will be given to my account as my share
    so 64080 share will be on sale.
    new shares will be release after all the upgraded rig is plotted and mining.

    Personal background
    i started mining 2 months ago with 1TB available space on my personal pc then the next thing i see when i woke up i have 80TB(72TB usable) rig and a angry wife lol. Im working in an IT company(japan) for 5 years now. tried to mine different coins but i will stop after a month or so, it is burst and the community that made me an addict lol, As i live in japan power is 100% up.

    what do you think guys?

  • The fact that you already have quite some mining power to begin with will make sure your assets will probably see some sales, and potentially quite profitable for early adopters. Definitely up for a great start.
    Thing is though that the AE is kind of slow as people tend not to invest too much into potentially scammy assets. As it turns out we couldn't even trust the assets from the 'face of burst', so what incentive do we have to trust yours? If you can give us valid reasons to trust you and your assets I think this can become a great asset 🙂

  • @keyd0s thank you, yes i know what is happening right now, and me myself experienced some shtty scam-_-. im still looking into it and i will see to it that i will involve haitch so the asset will move smoothly. I know the trust issue that is why im willing to wait for the verification.

  • Did you mean to say that you live in Japan and electricity is up 100% in cost?

  • @Dillion lol what i mean is we never lost power lol. even when the big earthquake hit last march 11 2011 the electricity and internet is up(lucky? maybe). we dont know in the future but up to now havent experience having a brownout.